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Father and data learning about solar

How do solar panels work?

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Adding a solar panel system to your sustainable home

Millions of Australian homeowners have made the switch to solar power, but how do you know if installing solar panels is right for you? We've compiled the most frequently asked questions, and detailed the step-by-step process of installing solar, to help you decide if and what type of solar panel system is right for you.

A street with houses, some of which have solar

Your guide to knowing if a solar panel system is right for you

Millions of Australian homeowners have made the switch to solar power, but how do you know if installing solar panels is right for you? Answering these key questions can help you make an informed decision.

Typical Aussie rooftop, with solar panels installed. Hail has caused a lot of damage to the panels.

Can hail damage your solar panels? How to inspect your panels after wild weather

We’ve all seen the damage that hail can cause to cars, but what impact can it have on your rooftop solar panels?

Person with safety helmet and goggles uses a long broom to wash solar panels. In the background is a green forest.

Solar panel maintenance and safety: Reducing fire risk

Maintaining your solar panel system can help you to minimise any risks and ensure you're getting the most out of it. Here are some tips on how to keep your solar system in top shape.

Person in blue overalls with their back to the camera and a screwdriver in hand, inspects a solar battery installation in a garage.

Solar battery guide

Solar batteries store excess energy generated from solar panels. This stored energy can be used at night to power your home, helping you to reduce your reliance on the grid.

Row of typical Aussie homes, all have solar installed on their different rooftops. Tall pine trees line the footpath opposite the row of houses.

How do I add battery storage to my existing solar system?

Adding battery storage to your solar system allows you to store excess energy created throughout the day and use it at night.

Person with glasses, leans over tabletop with a pen in one hand making a list. In their other hand is a solar panel.

A guide to solar panel and battery rebates around Australia

To help you on your solar journey, we’ve created a state-by-state guide to the solar panel and battery rebates available around Australia.

Two people sitting on a sofa, discussing bills and typing on a laptop.

Can solar panels reduce your energy bills?

Installing solar panels will reduce your reliance on purchasing electricity from the energy grid, enabling you to reduce your overall electricity bill.

The environmental benefits of solar energy

Do you know how much Australian households are directly responsible for Australia's greenhouse gas emissions?

How to choose the best solar panels and solar inverter for your home

A major step to helping drive down energy bills and taking advantage of the power of the sun is investing in solar panels and a solar inverter. But it can be tricky selecting the right panels and inverters for you and your family.

6 steps that happen when solar panels are installed

After researching the benefits of solar and searching for the best solar panel installer for you, it’s finally time to have your solar panels system installed and ready to use.

Warranty and maintenance of your solar battery system

Getting the best warranty and maintenance advice for your solar battery system

What storage battery rebates are available?

State by state look at what storage solar battery rebates are available around Australia

How much does a solar battery cost and what size is best?

How much does a solar battery cost and what size is best for your home?

Man with solar inverter

Your guide to solar batteries: The life and disposal of a battery

While solar batteries can be a great investment, it's important to ask yourself some key questions when deciding if it's the right move for you.

Solar panels on a small house

Solar panels and solar battery purchasing information

Are you thinking about installing a solar panel and solar battery system? Adding solar and a battery to your home can bring many benefits.

Solar panels on a tiled roof

Summer Sun: Four tips for optimising your solar power system

Get the most out of your solar panels and maximise your energy bill savings during the warmer months.

Four ways to reduce your energy bills

Rising energy costs are never welcome news, but there are some steps you can take to reduce the impact. Here are four things you can do to bring down your household’s energy bills.

Man sitting at his living room table, while on a video conference call using his laptop. He's holding up a light bulb in one hand and a solar panel in the other.

Solar glossary

If you are new to solar energy, the technical jargon can be quite confusing. At Brighte we have collated some of the most common terminologies and created a dictionary to help guide your learning and decision making.

Solar salesperson with happy customer Lorraine

Lorraine and Derek saved $900 on their electricity bill

Lorraine and Derek’s electricity bill dropped from $958 to just $46, made possible by adding a solar system to their home.

Tips for getting the most out of your solar panels

Naturally, once you have installed your solar panels, you will want to keep them running at an optimal level, to ensure that you make the most out of your investment.

Solar panels on a roof

Solar panel safety in natural disasters

The Australian bushfires have impacted Australia at a catastrophic level, causing damage to thousands of homes.

A street with houses, some of which have solar

A guide to solar panels

When researching solar panels, it’s important that you understand the basics. Our solar panel guide contains everything you need to know about solar energy and what you should look out for when choosing the best solar panel system for your home.

Solar hot water system vs hot water heat pump: How to choose the best option for you

Both heat pump and solar hot water systems are cheap to run and low in greenhouse gas emissions. So, which one should you choose?

Install Solar

Installing Solar Panels: A Step-by-Step Guide for an Energy-Efficient Future

Have you consider the benefits of renewable energy with solar panels on your roof? It's a thoughtful step towards a greener future and a practical way to reduce your electricity bills.

Kick-start your sustainable home journey with Brighte

Brighte partners with 2,500+ and installers around Australia that are ready to make your home more sustainable. From new builds, renovations, or replacing appliances around the home, we help close the gap with sustainable payment options to suit your household budget.

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