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Empowering informed choices

We put together BrighteFair to ensure all Aussies make informed decisions.

Brighte has worked with over 110,000 Aussie homeowners during their purchase. So when it comes to making your purchase whether this being installing solar, or your next home improvement, at Brighte we believe in empowering you with information and tools to make sure you are getting the right goods or service for your home.

Our customers have shared with us common pain points and misconceptions, allowing us to put together this guide to assist you in making informed purchasing decisions.

Shop around

Shop around and ask for quotes from multiple vendors.

Like any other high ticket purchases, for instance, cars or flights, shopping around and comparing quotes will not only lead to a better result but make you more comfortable with the vendor that you choose.

This also doesn’t necessarily mean you will accept the lowest price; by talking to a variety of vendors and receiving quotes, you can get a feel of the different factors which may influence your purchase decision. Factors to consider may include:

  • Duration and terms of warranty offered
  • Quality of materials used
  • The reputation of equipment manufacturers, for example with solar panels, inverters, and batteries
  • Pre & Post-installation services and support offered

Once you receive the quotes and understand the potential differences, you will be able to make an informed decision on who you would like to engage to complete your job.

2. Negotiate on Price

Once you have a few quotes, compare the services and products that are included. This should clearly show the variances between vendors and their pricing models. By understanding the services and products provided, this knowledge will allow you to negotiate with vendors on price and what is fair to you and to the vendor. It’s important to note when negotiating on price that the lowest quote may not be the best option for you when considering, in addition to the factors above, things like lead time, quality of workmanship and post-installation/delivery services.

3. On complex purchases, seek more information

Complex purchases often involve technical product knowledge and professional installation.

For example, when purchasing solar, some vendors advertise “Tier 1 Panels”, or ‘Wifi bill buster’, but what does that mean, and is it important.

In the case of purchasing a solar system, the following questions are a great place to start;

Asking the right questions

  1. Is solar right for you? determine your energy usage and how this could be optimised first
  2. How many panels, or how big a a system, do I need?
  3. Is my roof space adequate for the size of system I require?
  4. Do I need a meter upgrade, and who organises it?
  5. Do I need a battery?
  6. What is included in the cost?
  7. Are there any additional costs?
  8. Duration and terms of the warranty offered?
  9. What is the reputation of the equipment manufacturers and their brand, for example, solar panels, inverters and batteries (we also suggest you do your research on the brand)
  10. Pre and Post-installation services and support offered

Choice and Clean Energy Council have very useful tips and questions to ask potential vendors.

4. Don’t pay more

There are many factors which influence the price that you are quoted. For example, a merchant fee for paying by credit/debit card or, difficult site access or installation.

However, you should not pay any more for your purchase because you have chosen to use a Brighte 0% interest payment plan. If you are concerned that you have been quoted a higher price simply for using a Brighte payment plan, please contact us to discuss your concerns.