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Security camera

Security measures protecting your data


Brighte encrypts all communications to the same industry standard that banks use. This encryption ensures your data is protected at all times.

Timeouts & lockouts

If you stop using the Portal or BrightePay app for a period of time and haven’t logged out, we’ll log you out. If someone tries to guess your password, your account will temporarily be locked after a number of failed attempts.

Independent audits

Our systems are subjected to periodic manual and automated security audits from globally recognised security consultancies to ensure our processes have been scrutinised to industry best practice.

SMS verification

Verification codes are sent directly to your phone to authorise transactions. You will always know exactly when your account is being used.


Industry standard firewalls and network isolation constantly monitor the flow of network traffic in and out of our infrastructure and prevent unauthorised access.

Activity audits

Accounts are monitored on an ongoing basis in order to protect our customers’ data and to prevent fraud.