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The Sustainable Home

From installing solar panels to choosing energy-efficient alternatives, building your sustainable home is a rewarding journey that reflects your household needs and lifestyle.

What is a sustainable home?

Explore rooms & upgrades

Energy efficient heating Solar panels on a roof Charging an electric vehicle

How to make your home more sustainable

What is a sustainable home?

Whether you’re halfway into your sustainable journey or just starting to do your research, we've got you covered.

Check out each room to learn about what changes you can make to your home, from renovating, or making smaller changes like replacing older appliances. Each upgrade is a step towards a more sustainable home. 

At Brighte we can help take you one step further, by financing your sustainable home improvements one upgrade at a time.

How Brighte works

Power your home, appliances and car with energy from the sun

Energy-efficient homes use 66% less electricity and 51% less water

Making sustainable upgrades can increase your home value by 5-10%

Source: 2022-25 Housing Outlook: Green Edition

Explore rooms and upgrades to make your home more sustainable

Sustainability guides

Person with glasses, leans over tabletop with a pen in one hand making a list. In their other hand is a solar panel.

A guide to solar panel and battery rebates around Australia

To help you on your solar journey, we’ve created a state-by-state guide to the solar panel and battery rebates available around Australia.

Person in blue overalls with their back to the camera and a screwdriver in hand, inspects a solar battery installation in a garage.

Solar battery guide

Solar batteries store excess energy generated from solar panels. This stored energy can be used at night to power your home, helping you to reduce your reliance on the grid.

Young man with his back to us, standing beside a red electric vehicle. Stretches his arms high above his head.

Travelling long distances with an electric vehicle; everything you need to know

When considering purchasing an electric vehicle, one of the main concerns people have is about how far the car can travel, it’s so common that it has its own term “range anxiety”.

Kick-start your sustainable home journey with Brighte

Brighte partners with 2,400+ and installers around Australia that are ready to make your home more sustainable. From new builds, renovations, or replacing appliances around the home, we help close the gap with sustainable payment options to suit your household budget.

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