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Vendor conduct and guidelines

The products under the Scheme can only be supplied by authorised suppliers that have all of the Tasmanian licencing requirements, who are registered with the Scheme, and are listed on Brighte's marketplace.

Suppliers in the Scheme must be:

  • Approved Solar Retailers (or have applied for the NETCC) by the CEC
  • Must only use CEC accredited installers
  • Have the relevant licences to be able to lawfully operate in Tasmania
  • Must follow specific product requirements set out by the Tasmanian Government

Suppliers in the Scheme should follow:

These requirements help to ensure:

  • Suppliers involved in the Scheme act in the best interest of the customer
  • Customers are able to make an informed purchase and are not pressured into any decisions

Additionally, suppliers in the Scheme cannot:

  • Conduct telemarketing or door-knocking
  • Be misleading or deceptive
  • Use unlawful sales practices, e.g. being pressured, harassed or coerced about the supply of, or payment for goods or services
  • Make consumer agreements outside of Tasmanian Government program processes