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Insulation requirements

To become accredited under the scheme for any category of insulation (ceiling, wall or underfloor), your business must have at least one trained installer certified under the Energy Efficiency Council’s (EEC) Professional Certifications Program.

Installation of insulation may be conducted by employees without an EEC certification, provided that such work is done under the direct supervision of a EEC certified installer employed by the business.

View the complete guidelines for installation.

In addition to being accredited under the EEC, please review below the product requirements and standards:

  • Minimum insulation product R-values will be required as follows,
    • Ceiling – R5.0
    • Underfloor – R2.0
    • Wall – R2.5
  • The insulation products offered are approved for sale in Australia, comply with AS/NZS 4859.1:2018 Thermal insulation materials for buildings and complies with the requirements set out in the ESLS Insulation Buyers Guide
  • Before any insulation installation takes place, an electrical safety inspection must be undertaken by a licensed electrician. The inspection will be carried out to ensure that the electrical system is assessed as being safe and in good condition, and compatible with installation of insulation in the areas to be accessed during the installation, such as the roof space or under floor areas.
  • Insulation materials that must not be used for installations under the Scheme include foil laminated products, loose-fill cellulose products and any products that do not comply with Australian Standards.
  • If the property has existing foil insulation or loose-fill cellulose-based ceiling insulation, the insulation installer must remove it before installing new insulation.

What documents do I need to provide to Brighte?

To be enabled to offer insulation under the Tasmanian ESLS Scheme, you will be need to go through the Brighte accreditation process, once you indicate you would like to offer Insulation, we will request the documentation of your approved EEC in order to enable for you for the category.

After installation, you will be required to upload the following documentation:

  1. copy of the invoice,
  2. attach the completed pre-installation Electrical Safety Report,
  3. enter the names and details of the installers who completed the installation work, and
  4. complete the declaration that the installation was supervised by an EEC certified installer.