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Requesting payment from Brighte

You can request payment from Brighte once the installation is complete. Simply log into your Brighte Portal or Vendor App, and request payment via the applications tab. 

Every product will require an invoice and some will require you to supply additional information.

Information required to request payment

  • All products -> A copy of the invoice → All products will require an invoice 

  • Insulation -> the completed pre-installation Electrical Safety Inspection Report

  • Insulation -> the name of the installers and a declaration that the installation was led by an EEC certified installer and that all other installers were trained and provisionally certified

  • Solar, Batteries and Insulation -> the post-installation Certificate of Electrical Safety

Brighte will review these documents and then process your payment directly to your nominated bank account. Your customer will then commence their repayments to Brighte 28 days from settlement.