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Product eligibility requirements

It is important to be aware that different products have different eligibility criteria which is set out by ACT Government and managed by Brighte. 

Solar & battery storage
  • Must be a NETCC Approved Retailer under the newly formed New Energy Tech Consumer Code
  • Must work with CEC Accredited Installer completing the installation
Electric heating & cooling
  • You can only install a system from the approved product list of ducted and split system units from the Victorian Energy Upgrades register.
  • Installation of an electric reverse cycle heating and cooling system (ducted or split system) requires an ACT licenced electrician. If you are replacing a gas system you will also need an ACT licensed plumber.
Hot water heat pumps
Electric stove tops
  • Must be upgrading from an existing gas stove top to an electric ceramic or induction stove top.
  • New builds are not eligible for a loan to install a stove top.
  • Installation fees can be included as part of the total loan amount.
Electric vehicles
  • The total cost of the vehicle must be less than the luxury car tax threshold for fuel efficient vehicles. For the up to date price threshold use Australian Government’s luxury car tax (please note - use the same definitions of total cost as the website).
  • The electric vehicle (car) must be powered by a mechanism that produces zero emissions, such as a Battery Electric Vehicle.
  • Must work with EEC Accreidted Installers
  • The installation of ceiling insulation in an existing residence is eligible under the Scheme if the total R-value is R5.0 or greater. The total R-value is the sum of the product R-value of the new insulation and the estimated R-value of any retained insulation.
  • Ceiling insulation materials must comply with the Australian Standard. Eligible materials include batts made from glasswool (fibreglass), rockwool, polyester or treated wool, and in some circumstances, non-cellulose loose fill products that comply with Australian Standards. Foam may be eligible when installed in compliance with the Australian Standards.
  • Insulation materials that must not be used for installations under the Scheme include foil laminated products, loose-fill cellulose products and any products that do not comply with Australian Standards.
  • If the property has existing foil insulation or loose-fill cellulose-based ceiling insulation, the insulation installer must remove it before installing new insulation.

Can the loan be used to install insulation in a new home?

No. New homes must have insulation that complies with the Building Code before they are completed and loans are not available under the Scheme for construction or fitout of new homes.

Please be aware, that the pre-installation Electrifical Safety Inspection report is a requirement for installing insulation under the scheme. When creating the final quote for the customer, you must include an itemised fee for the pre-installation Electrical Safety Inspection Report and should note that the customer will need to pay this fee, even if they choose not to proceed with the insulation installation after the inspection due to electrical safety issues.