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Air conditioning

Young woman sits cross legged on her living room floor, with her laptop open, she's trying to decide which air conditioning system to purchase.

What you need to know before purchasing an air conditioning unit

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Adding air conditioning units to your home

Did you know that an air conditioning unit can be a sustainable investment? To help you choose the most sustainable option for your home, we've created articles that will help guide you on your journey to making the best decision for you and your household.

Young woman with long red hair aims her remote control up at the air conditioner in her modern studio apartment.

Top 5 questions to ask when purchasing an air-conditioning unit for your sustainable home

Did you know that there are various energy-efficient options when purchasing an air con unit? We’ve answered the 5 most common air con questions to help you along your sustainable home journey.

7 ways to save energy whilst using your air conditioner

If you’ve just installed a new air conditioning unit or want to reduce your energy bills, there are ways you can keep your home at a cooler temperature at the lowest price.

Middle aged man in yellow hard hat and overalls, inspects an air conditioner mounted on a wall.

How to choose an air conditioner installer

⁠It is important to partner with someone that understands your needs, that you feel comfortable working with and who will do a quality installation.

Middle aged woman in pink polka dot shirt, uses touch screen on a tablet mounted to her kitchen wall to adjust the temperature via her ducted air conditioning system.

Everything you need to know about ducted air conditioning systems

We’ve broken down key considerations and factors to help you decide if ducted air conditioning is the best option for you.

Why a reverse cycle air conditioner is the most energy-efficient cooling option

Warmer weather often means reaching for the air con remote. If you’re looking to save on your energy bills, here’s why you should consider a reverse cycle air conditioner.

Top maintenance tips for your air-conditioning unit

A well-maintained air conditioning unit will reduce wasted energy and higher energy bills which is very important for a sustainable home.

Install ducted air conditioning

Installing Ducted Air Conditioning: What to Expect from a Professional Installer

Are you looking to take your home's cooling game to the next level? Ducted air conditioning is the ultimate choice for total comfort and efficiency.

Install split system air conditioning

Installing a Split System Air Conditioning: What to Expect from a Professional Installer

Looking to upgrade your home's cooling with a split system air conditioner? It's a smart move! For a hassle-free installation and optimal performance, a quality install is essential. We'll guide you through the process, from choosing the right installer to installation timelines. Let's dive in and make your cooling upgrade a breeze!

Kick-start your sustainable home journey with Brighte

Brighte partners with 2,400+ and installers around Australia that are ready to make your home more sustainable. From new builds, renovations, or replacing appliances around the home, we help close the gap with sustainable payment options to suit your household budget.

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