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Install ducted air conditioning

Installing Ducted Air Conditioning: What to Expect from a Professional Installer

Are you looking to take your home's cooling game to the next level? Ducted air conditioning is the ultimate choice for total comfort and efficiency.

The first, and most crucial step you have to take is finding the right installer. This guide will take you through the process, covering everything from installer tips to installation timelines. Let's get you on the path to cooler, comfier days at home.

Choosing the right air conditioner Installer:

The quality of the ducted air conditioning installation comes down to the expertise of your chosen installer. To make an informed choice, consider:

  • Licences and Certifications: Verify that the installer holds the necessary licences and certifications required for handling refrigerants and conducting HVAC installations. A licensed installer will adhere to safety standards and local regulations.

  • Experience and Portfolio: Look for installers with a proven track record in ducted air conditioning installations. Request examples of their previous work or testimonials from satisfied customers to gauge their expertise.

  • Customer Reviews and Feedback: Take the time to look at online reviews of installers to get a feel for their track record and consistency in delivering satisfaction.

  • Cost and Quotes: A well-informed decision often comes from comparison. Look at getting quotes from a few installers, weighing the balance of cost and service. If you need help finding local installers, the Brighte Marketplace is a good place to start.

Timeline for Installation:

The timeframe for installing a ducted air conditioning system can vary based on several factors, including:

  • Initial Assessment: A professional installer will conduct an initial site assessment to determine the most suitable layout for the ductwork, indoor unit, and outdoor unit. This assessment can take a few hours.

  • Equipment and Materials: The time taken to procure the necessary equipment and materials depends on the availability and your chosen system's specifications, it's always a good idea to ask availability of products and materials early in the process.

  • Ductwork Installation: Installing the ductwork throughout your home is one of the most significant tasks in the installation process. The time required for this step varies depending on your home's size and layout - installers should have a rough estimate once they understand what you need and the requirements of the install.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Units: Once the ductwork is in place, the indoor and outdoor units are then installed. This step typically takes a day or two, depending on the complexity of the installation.

  • Electrical Connections: The electrical connections for the system, including wiring and controls, are established and tested for proper functionality.

  • Final Testing and Handover: After completing the installation, the system undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it cools or heats your home effectively and efficiently. The installer will then walk you through the system's operation and provide maintenance tips.

Transitioning to ducted air conditioning is a step towards a more comfortable home environment. The key is partnering with a trusted professional who aligns with your vision and needs. To make sure you have a partner that understands your needs and you feel supported, take the time to research reputable installers based on licences, experience, customer reviews and competitive pricing.

The information contained in this article is general in nature and does not take into account your personal situation. You should consider whether the information is appropriate to your needs and, where appropriate, seek professional advice.