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Why finance can be a win-win for you & your customers

Why finance can be a win-win for you & your customers

By Alisha Kadian

There’s one barrier to home and energy improvements, and it’s one that many homeowners tell us about.

One reason why homeowners push back their plans to invest in solar panels or additional home improvements is based on upfront costs. They may know exactly what they want however, an imbalance in cash flow or the reluctance to dip into savings can often mean their dream home improvements remain out of reach.

Once homeowners understand the different ways they can pay, their window-shopping days can quickly translate into a sale. Features such as ‘no deposit’, ‘easy application’ and ‘flexible regular repayments’ can give customers the confidence they need to proceed without further delays.

The result?

Finance can be a win for Aussie homeowners, allowing them to invest in home improvements such as plumbing, landscaping or solar energy today rather than tomorrow. They can enjoy the benefits sooner rather than later or, in some cases, now rather than never.

Finance doesn’t only help homeowners, it also grows businesses too - businesses like yours. Stanley Sun from Ausuntech Energy, highlights how finance supports his business and team – “Brighte payment plans are a win for everyone. The sales team are happy because they have more options to discuss with customers and this often means extra sales. Customers benefit because a payment plan brings energy innovations within reach.”

When it comes to finance there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Different homeowners have different needs, and the option that best suits one customer may not suit another. Some homeowners may require a longer-term payment plan allowing for repayments to be spread out to assist with budgeting and cash flow. On another hand, small businesses may need a payment solution specifically designed for their needs, enabling overall business growth and the ability to retain internal control.

Brighte – 3 payment options all under the one roof

We don’t want our partners to miss out on the opportunity to land even more deals simply because they don’t have the right finance options on hand to meet a given customer’s needs. That’s why Brighte arms you with a range of payment options to suit your business – all exclusively available within the vendor app or portal:

  1. Brighte 0% Interest Payment Plans – no interest, no hidden fees and no repayments until the job’s complete
  2. Brighte Green Loan – a competitive unsecured loan, offering your customers longer terms to pay off their home energy improvements including solar and batteries
  3. Brighte Personal Loan - a competitive unsecured loan, offering your customers longer terms to pay off their home improvements such as roofing, blinds, heating and more

Remember – sales can be easier to close when you’re armed with financing options. Choose the finance solution that works best for your customers. Your business will reap the benefits.

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The information provided in this article is general in nature only without consideration of your particular financial circumstances or needs.

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