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Brighte Women in Solar Scholarship winner on ABC Radio Hobart

Chey Sullivan, one of the Brighte Women in Solar Scholarship winners sat down with ABC Radio Hobart for the Tradie Tuesday segment.

26 March 2024

Last week, Chey Sullivan, Brighte Women in Solar Scholarship winner sat down with ABC Radio Hobart for their weekly Tradie Tuesday segment to talk about the scholarship, the electrical trade and the sustainability sector.

Chey, along with Erin Kingston, was the recent recipient of the Brighte Women in Solar Scholarship in Tasmania.

The scholarships are an extension of Brighte’s partnership with the Tasmanian Government and are aimed at supporting the growing local green energy sector.

This scholarship plays a role in Brighte's mission to make sustainability affordable and accessible as we champion the role of women in the energy sector - and critically, bring attention to the skills shortage where women constitute only 2% of the electrical workforce in Australia.

Brighte Founder and CEO, Katherine McConnell, knows from experience how important it is to create pathways for pioneering women to enhance their career journey as well as those for future generations.

“To meet our ambitious net zero targets, we’re going to need thousands of electricians skilled up to help power the green revolution - and many of those must be women.”

Chey discussed with ABC Radio Hobart the challenges and opportunities within the renewable energy industry, reflecting on her experiences and aspirations.

“Sometimes your main toolkit is a laptop, that's why I think electrical (trade) is pretty good for females in a trade sense because it's (the work) so diverse. You don't need to be the biggest and the buffest to do this job, which is great.”

Her insights shed light on the importance of female involvement in sustainability and highlighted the critical role of education and support in advancing careers in the sector. Brighte is proud to support Chey, Erin, and others who are dedicated to creating a more sustainable future for us all.