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Solar off-grid system - how it works

Solar off-grid system - how it works

By Carly Nichols

What are off-grid solar systems?

Off-grid solar systems are often referred to as stand-alone power systems and are not connected to the public electricity network. The right system for you depends on your energy consumption, location and what you would like to achieve from going off-grid.

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How does solar off-grid work?

Solar panels will generate electricity, any excess generated will be used to charge the batteries for night time usage, or at times when your system is not generating power. It is considered to be a good option to an alternative back up power source, such as a generator.

What is the cost of off-grid solar system? 

The cost of your system is dependant on many factors, including your energy expectation, usage, location, and more. For a personalised no obligation quote, head to Brighte marketplace to find Brighte accredited vendors.

Finance your off grid system

Purchase and install your solar-off grid system and repay using Brighte.

Brighte offers the 0% Interest Payment Plan and the Brighte Green Loan.

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