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Vendor requirements

Here are easy-to-follow reminders about what we expect when you're accessing and completing customer finance applications for Brighte.


  1. Only use the customer's contact details when applying.

  2. Applicants must complete their own application.

  3. Report any suspicious or fraudulent behaviour to Brighte.

  4. Always operate within the terms of your Vendor Agreement.

  5. Encourage the customer to be honest about their income and expense declaration.

  6. Operate with integrity, honesty, and in an ethical manner in line with our Vendor Code of Conduct.

  7. Always disclose Brighte's Payment Plan fees upfront.


  1. Never share your Brighte login details or give anybody else access to your Brighte account.

  2. Never offer a Payment Plan term outside those in your pre-agreed Vendor Rates Notification.

  3. Never create a temporary email account for a customer's application.

  4. Avoid installing products or services unless the customer has completed all requirements with Brighte.

  5. Never accept funds from a customer that are payable to Brighte.

  6. Never charge customers different prices for the same product, regardless of their payment method.