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Vendor code of conduct

We’re committed to ensuring our service is delivered in the right way, every time.

Brighte places high importance on ethical and legal conduct. We require you to read, understand and comply with our Vendor Code of Conduct (“Code”) and all other conditions of doing business with Brighte. This Code goes beyond mere compliance with the law.

This means all vendors offering Brighte products must conduct themselves in a way that is lawful, fair and respectful towards any consumers or stakeholders they engage with. As an accredited Brighte vendor, you must:

Respect the environment.

Share Brighte’s commitment to a greener planet and strive to minimise the environmental impact in all aspects of your operations.

Brighte is on a mission to make sustainability affordable and accessible for everyone.

Be lawful.

Comply with applicable laws, regulations and policies wherever you operate in Australia.

Be ethical.

⁠Always deal fairly and in good faith and never take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment or high pressure sales tactics. Be ethical with decision-making and take actions that will preserve our relationship.

Exercise particular care and demonstrate fair treatment of your customers who may be considered vulnerable.

Safeguard confidentiality.

Protect our customers and the information that you are trusted with. Never share confidential information or your Brighte platform credentials with another party.

There are very serious consequences when confidential information is not protected properly.

Communicate responsibly.

Seek approval on any communication that involves Brighte, and use good judgment on any advertising channels, including social media.

Respect Brighte’s brand.

Uphold the standards we have set when using any aspect of our brand – our name, physical assets, logos, advertising information, intellectual property and business relationships.

Be truthful.

Not say or print anything which you know is untrue or that you are not confident is accurate. When something goes wrong or you find a mistake, be open and honest about it.

Not make transactions outside of Brighte’s payments system; attempt to drive traffic to other sites or market unrelated products; abuse our referrals system; or make false claims against other members of the community.

No discrimination.

Don’t use discriminatory behaviour, hate speech or bullying.

Treat your customers and workers with respect and dignity at all times.

Enforce the code.

Know and comply with this code and ensure your company, including any third party providers / suppliers you work with, comply with it. Speak up if you have concerns or suspect violations.

This code of conduct is a quick reference guide and does not include all the legal obligations of an authorised Brighte Vendor. Please refer to your Vendor agreement for full details.