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Developing a sustainable and meaningful tech career

After more than a decade working in tech, Nidharshi Warusavitharana has found 'more than just a job' at Brighte.

By Nidharshi Warusavitharana

09 February 2022

I’ve been a professional software engineer for over a decade, but since moving to Australia and joining Brighte in 2018, my career growth has really accelerated.

I’ve always wanted a sustainable tech career, and to do meaningful work that is more than just a ‘job’. That’s what I’ve found at Brighte. I’m encouraged to think differently, use cutting-edge tech, drive continuous improvement, and above all, work toward a great goal: to make every home sustainable.

A sustainable career in tech will grow with you, align with your strengths and interests, and keep you feeling fulfilled and productive over time. Keeping up to date with evolving surroundings is an important part of it because you need to move forward as technology changes around you, in order to maintain the right skills and stay relevant in the market. There is immense opportunity if you follow this mindset on your journey in tech.

Why Brighte?

I chose Brighte because it had everything I was looking for. It has a great purpose, a great culture and plenty of opportunity. I had started off my working life in the USA and Sri Lanka after completing my Computer Science degree, and when I arrived at Brighte I worked as a senior engineer for some time before moving into a squad lead position. In this role, I took on additional responsibilities as a front-end guild lead and then moved on to my current position as an Engineering Manager.

Aside from the professional advantages, Brighte has also always provided a healthy work-life balance, another important piece in a sustainable career. As a mother, I have benefited deeply from the flexible working policies. We’ve also recently introduced a generous gender-neutral parental leave policy.

On top of all that, we’re cared for really well on a more personal level. For example, we had a number of amazing gifts delivered to us at home during the lockdowns, which definitely lifted my spirits. We’ve also been given days off to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

What my role involves

As an Engineering Manager, my main responsibilities involve growing a productive, inclusive and empathetic team of engineers. 

My time is usually divided between:

-      Overseeing delivery and collaborating with other teams

-      Unblocking and providing an environment for continuous development within the team

-      Ensuring critical, quality-related work is prioritised appropriately

-      Mentoring and coaching others

-      Leading the hiring for my team

-      Fostering an environment of honest, open communication 

Currently, my team is working on a brand new mobile application for vendors, where the vendors will be able to work on their customer applications and quotes.

Continued growth and development

As mentioned, continuous learning and a growth mindset are very much encouraged at Brighte. Right now I’m involved in the Leader Lab program, which gives us the opportunity to reflect on our strengths and interests and build a leadership framework.

I am grateful to work for a company that promotes such constant development. Reflecting on and recognising your evolving strengths, interests and abilities and consistently working to develop them is the key to a sustainable tech career, and I see Brighte encouraging this at all levels of the business. 

Looking to build your own sustainable tech career? Head to our careers page for opportunities to join our team.