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Top 5 tips when shopping for solar panels

Top 5 tips when shopping for solar panels

By Carly Nichols

Solar Consumer Guide: Top 5 tips when buying solar

Embarking on your solar journey can be quite overwhelming, you may have questions around what brand to use, or how many panels you need.

you may be adding solar panels to your home to reduce your electricity bill, or because you believe in renewable energy. No matter the reason it’s important you understand the process and you feel comfortable making the decision to add solar to your home.

So, we’re here to help, here are our top 5 tips when you start shopping for solar.

1. Research the basics and ask for recommendations.

Asking family and friends is a quick way to ask questions about the process and what they would do the same or different.

It’s important to understand how solar panels work, and if you require a smart meter. When you are beginning to think about solar, reach out to your energy provider to see if they have renewable energy plans, or if you would need to change energy providers.

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2. Have an idea of the size you want your solar system to be;

How much energy are you using? Once you understand your energy usage, your solar installer will be able to inform you of how many panels you will need.

For instance, you may need 20 panels to cover your average electrical usage during the week.
After calculating how much energy the solar panels will create, your usage of electricity and the cost of the system, you may see the economic benefit of adding solar panels to your home.

For additional efficiency, add a solar battery. If would prefer to wait, have a chat to your installer to see how easy it would be to add one at a later stage.

Once you have all this information, compare this against your budget, or if you would like to keep your savings in the bank, or use Brighte to purchase and install your system today and repay over time

3. The efficiency of solar panels. 

The efficiency of solar panels is based off a myriad of factors. Including your roof orientation, shade cover, electricity usage and more.

For the highest efficiency, your roof will be north-facing with minimal shade obscuring the roof. If your roof is not facing north, you can still benefit from solar panels, however, you may need more panels on your roof to harness the sun throughout the day.

4. Understand the rebate scheme and what feed-in tariffs you will receive from your energy provider. 

Check to see if your local state government is running a rebate scheme, they have been successful in South Australia.

You may hear the term feed-in-tariffs, a feed-in-tariff is when you receive payment for the excess electricity produced by your system, which is fed back into the grid (NSW Gov).

Current government incentives below:

Your chosen installer will be able to explain the concepts above, relative to your situation.

5. Check if your installer is listed on The Clean Energy Council

The Clean Energy Council is a not-for-profit association that lists solar providers and installers that are accredited by them. 

You can also find Brighte accredited vendors via the Brighte Marketplace
All our solar providers and installers have gone through a rigorous process to ensure we are providing you with the best companies to choose from.

Questions to ask your installer:

  • How easily can I add a battery at a later stage?
  • What is the warranty for the system?
  • Do I need a smart meter?
  • How much energy will I generate?
  • Do you have a monitoring system connected to my solar panels?

Have peace of mind knowing that you are helping the environment, one sun ray at a time. 

Be apart of the renewable energy movement!

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The information provided in this article is general in nature and does not constitute advice. Please consider your own personal circumstances prior to making any decisions.

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