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Solar panels on roof of suburban house

Top solar shopping tips

Solar panels are cheaper and more efficient than ever before. So, there’s never been a better time to go solar. We’re here to help with those big questions - like which brand? How many panels? And should you choose a solar finance option?

15 December 2020

Find out how much energy you’re using

Time to grab your old energy bills and dig through the numbers (sorry!) to find about your energy usage habits.

Average daily usage in kWh (kilo-watt hours) - You can use this number to understand how much energy you need to generate.

When are you using energy? - If you’re using a lot of energy in the evenings (peak time) you might be better off with west-facing panels.

Go outside and take a look at your roof

There’s some key things to look for to understand which solar options are available to you.

Is there any shade covering your roof? - Shadows will impact the performance of your panels. Check throughout the day to see how much shade there is.

Which way does your roof point? - Can you get north, east or west facing panels? Or maybe all three?

Ask friends, family and neighbours for recommendations

This is an easy one! The best people to talk to about solar panels is people who already have solar panels.

Ask around to find out how it works and hear the pros and cons from the people you trust.

Use a finance option

You knew this tip was coming, right? Paying for your solar panels with Brighte is easy with affordable, fortnightly repayments. 

0% interest payment plan - The name says it all, 0% interest financing with fortnightly repayments.

Brighte Green Loan - For energy efficient products such as solar, batteries, electrical and air-conditioning.

This post contains general information only. Your personal circumstances have not been taken into account so none of this information should be taken as personal advice. If you do require personal advice please contact your accountant or a financial planner.