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Top 5 home improvement trends of 2019, will they continue in 2020?

We take a look at the top trends for 2019, and determine if they will continue into the new decade.

By Carly Nichols

10 March 2020

The trends ending a decade

Our homes are a direct reflection of ourselves, interests and desires. TV shows like ‘The Block’ have shaped home renovations, while magazines show the hottest trends that season. The only constant is the knowledge that new trends will emerge. 

Trend changes are evident upon reflection, for instance in the 80’s Miami styling (Goeres, 2018) of bright colours dominated interior design, where the ’90s reverted to pastel colours (Wiebe, 2019).

We take a look at the top trends for 2019, and determine if they will continue into the new decade. 

Trend 1: Terrazzo

Terrazzo benefited from TV shows such as The Block and House Rules. Terrazzo is made of marble or granite set in concrete and polished, extremely versatile Terrazzo can be used as flooring, splashbacks or even decorative clocks. Terrazzo can be quite expensive, especially when completing a kitchen redesign. If you like the look, but not the price tag, Beaumont Tiles have created the Promenado – a porcelain tile, which mimics the look. 

The verdict? Terrazzo and look-alikes are here to stay! 

Trend 2: Smart Technology 

In 2019, smart technology really took off. Having a smartphone or smart TV is the new normal. Connection to Netflix, Stan and other streaming services have helped propel this growth. In 2020 advancements in technology will only develop further. For some smart homes are the future, for others this can feel like ‘too much’.

The verdict? Here to stay! but not for everyone.

Trend 3: Clever use of space

Over the last 25 years, the price of purchasing a home in Australia has increased by 412%,(Aussie/ Core Logic, 2018) creating an increased demand for apartments. According to the 2016 Consensus,(2071.0 - Census of Population and Housing: Reflecting Australia - Stories from the Census, 2016, 2017) occupied apartments increased by 78% over 25 years, the ratio of houses to apartments changed from 1:7 in 1991, to 1:5 in 2016.

As more Australians are living in smaller spaces, using available space effectively has taken off, sitting nicely in the DIY group, entire blogs are dedicated to maximizing the space in your home. A growing subgroup to this trend includes charging stations. Incorporated into designs, a charging station or draw removes the clutter of charging cables and makes use of smaller spaces.

The verdict: Here to stay!

Trend 4: Matte black appliances

Matte black appliances are easy to clean, make a statement, and work with many textures and colours. It’s no surprise in 2019 matte black appliances rose in popularity. With less maintenance and classic style, 2019 solidified matte black appliances in a trend that will continue.

The verdict: Hey 2020, I’m here to stay!

Trend 5 Painted floor tiles

In 2019, Pinterest searches for ‘painted floor tiles’ increased by 1276% (Pinterest, 2019)

Replacing tiles is a costly activity, requiring trades to remove, waterproof and relay. Tile paint provides the aesthetic upgrade homeowners are after, without the hefty cost.

DIY home enthusiasts have created blogs and documented the process via Youtube.

The verdict: Here to stay!

Trend predictions in 2020

All trends in 2019, will continue in 2020, however, two other trends will emerge, versatile kitchens and vertical gardens.

Trend prediction 1: Versatile kitchens

More Australians are living in smaller dwellings, making the most of their space is important. A versatile kitchen incorporates your life and design, expanding on the 2019 'clever use of space' trend. Smaller kitchens may incorporate additional seating from the kitchen benchtops, or storage, while larger kitchens may create a cooking and entertaining space in one. The additional benefit of functional kitchens removes the requirement of a formal seating area.

Trend prediction 2: Vertical gardens

Vertical garden searches increased by 287% ( Pinterest, 2019) in 2019, this trend is expected to grow, as homeowners look to make their home more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Vertical gardens also keep you cool, improves air quality and create a competitive edge in the market (Vertical gardens: The trend that can lower your energy bill, n.d.) By cooling down your home, vertical gardens could help you reduce your energy bill. 

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