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Together we’re improving the lives of Australian homeowners

Home improvements are not always about ‘nice-to-have’ cosmetic touches, they’re about fixing big problems that are impacting the homeowners lives.

By Carly Nichols

15 June 2020

Home improvements are not always about ‘nice-to-have’ cosmetic touches, like electric blinds or the latest kitchen appliances. In fact, more often they’re about making future savings, like energy savings through solar. Or, they’re about fixing big problems that are impacting the homeowner’s lives. Brighte customer Carissa Johnstone’s home improvement covered both of these – as she expanded a project to fix leaky guttering to achieve future energy savings.

Carissa suspected the guttering on her Queensland property dated back to the original build in the 1970s; so not surprisingly it had seen better days: “Holes in the guttering meant we were constantly dealing with flooding around the property – the back yard didn’t have enough drainage and so would often resemble a swimming pool,” Carissa said.

When homeowners, like Carissa, who are tackling repairs understand financing options they often can go the extra mile. Knowing they can spread the cost with affordable repayments homeowners have the option to upgrade or expand their project, beyond essential fixes to adding desirable extras. In Carissa’s case she tackled two birds with one stone – not just replacing her ageing guttering but also covering her entire roof with Solacoat, an innovative smart energy paint.

Although her roof was in good condition Carissa used a Brighte payment plan to re-paint it and make future energy cost savings. In her words “Solacoat really appealed to me – by rejecting the rays from the sun it can cool inside the home. Enough to make a difference on hot Summer days – and to reduce our reliance on fans and air conditioning. We no longer have to deal with flooding due to leaking guttering. Now we’re looking ahead to a cooler Solarcoated Summer.”

Carissa’s story is a great example of how our vendors and agents, with the support of Brighte, are making real differences to the lives of Australian homeowners. By helping them to deal with needed repairs and to create sustainable homes for the future.

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