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Backyard with a pergola

"To go on a payment plan before summer was just perfect"

"I had a budget in mind and I had just finished building my pergola, but I really wanted my blinds done" - Troy

By Carly Nichols

17 September 2019

Leading up to summer Troy was looking to make the most out of his backyard, by building a pergola and installing outdoor blinds.  "I had a budget in mind and I had just finished building my pergola, but I really wanted my blinds done". 

Troy found  Australian Outdoor Living through Facebook, and Australian Outdoor Living provided Troy with a free quote, "Australian Outdoor Living seemed like they had the best quality, based on the material and feedback that I got back from others.  I could have gone with a cheaper quote, but at the end of the day, the quality is the most important thing to me". 

After receiving the quote Troy looked to how he could finance his blinds "I did enquire about going through my own bank, because I have a mortgage, but I didn't want to refinance". Australian Outdoor Living then explained how Brighte works, "I was pretty thankful to Brighte, I was impressed with how quick it was, it was really straight forward and you get to choose how long you want the repayment plan for". 

Thanks to Brighte and Australian Outdoor living Troy is now enjoying his new blinds in summer that he may have put off for some time. "To go on a payment plan before summer, was just perfect". 

At Brighte we understand that our customers have busy lives, which is why we make it as easy as possible. "I love the notifications you get, to make sure you have funds in the account before the repayments. I can't see any negatives with Brighte. I will definitely be using Brighte again for my next project". 

If you are like Troy and looking to finance your next home improvement without resorting to refinancing your home, contact Australian Outdoor Living today and enquire about a Brighte payment plan.