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Can my customers reuse their Brighte account?

Can my customers reuse their Brighte account?

By Alisha Kadian

As we approach the spring and summer seasons, your existing customer base may be planning their next home upgrade.

Perhaps they are looking to add more solar to their existing system, install a battery or even treat their backyard to a face-lift with a new pergola or landscaping as we draw closer to the festive season.

Did you know your customers can apply to reuse their Brighte account?

Your existing customers can often be your most valuable - they're already familiar with your quality workmanship & product meaning that you’ve built their trust plus, you can contact them quick & easy!

Your current customers repaying their Brighte 0% Interest Payment Plan have a pre-existing contract with Brighte meaning they can apply to reuse their Brighte account for their next purchase.

They can either apply to:

  1. Reuse their existing balance that they’ve already paid down
  2. Increase their facility limit

How it works

Simply follow the below steps with your customer:

  1. When sending your customer a quote or when your customer is submitting an application select ‘yes’ to confirm they are an existing Brighte customer
  2. Enter in your customer’s date of birth and Brighte account ID number
  3. Your customer can then complete and submit their application

The payment plan will be subject to the same terms & conditions as the original payment plan.


Are there any additional fees?

There are no additional fees. Your customer is charged a $1 weekly account keeping fee for only one account at any time. A late payment fee of $4.99 may be charged by Brighte if you miss a repayment.

What are the finance limits?

The maximum amount is $30,000 which includes the amount of the original purchase.

Is reuse available for all categories of goods and services Brighte finances?

Yes! Your customer’s can apply to reuse on any existing good or service Brighte finances.

Interested in using Brighte for your business? Find out more about how Brighte can help your business or apply to be a Brighte accredited vendor now.

The information provided in this article is general in nature only without consideration of your particular financial circumstances or needs.

Approved applicants only, the minimum amount repayable includes the $1.00 Weekly Account Keeping fee (which is calculated daily and is included in the quoted repayment amount).

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