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Infinite Australia webinar: Australia's renewable potential

Infinite Australia webinar: Australia's renewable potential

By Paul Greguric

On Wednesday 18th August 2021, the Clean Energy Council of Australia hosted Infinite Australia: the renewable potential, pathway and perception, a webinar exploring Australia’s opportunity to transition into a clean energy superpower.

By powering almost 30% of our energy and employing over 30,000 people in Australia, renewable energy is being embraced by households, communities and leaders. This transition is no small feat, it requires foresight, planning and coordination by the private and public sectors.

Infinite Australia panelists Katherine McConnell, Michele O'Neil and Dr Alex Wonhas with host Kane Thornton. (Image: Clean Energy Council Twitter)

Hosted by Clean Energy Council Chief Executive Kane Thornton, the webinar included presentations and a panel discussion featuring some of Australia’s brightest thinkers and leaders in the renewable energy space; Brighte’s founder and CEO Katherine McConnell, Dr Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest AO, social researcher Dr Rebecca Huntley, ACTU President Michele O’Neil and AMEO’s Chief System Design Officer Dr Alex Wonhas.

You can stream a recording of the webinar on the Clean Energy Climate website today.

The Infinite Australia webinar was the launch event for Clean Energy Council's latest media campaign that is hitting your screens. The campaign promotes how energy, hydro, wind and energy storage is available for Australian's, today.

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