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How to save electrical energy in your home

Reducing energy costs is, are high priority on many household lists. You can make a few quick changes which could make a difference to your electricity bill.

By Carly Nichols

23 November 2020


When to use: Use as many appliances as you can during the day, or on weekends for energy savings. Evenings are peak energy use hours, as this will cost you more to use your appliances during this time.

Brighte Tip: Time your appliances. If possible set your appliances to run at a certain time in the day, and only run when full. For instance your dishwasher or washing machine.

Standby Power: 

Standby Power is used while your device is turned off but still plugged in, it’s also known as phantom load or vampire power. Almost half (47%) of all Aussies leave their appliances plugged in at the wall when not in use, If you switch your appliances off at the wall, you could save up to $100 each year (origin energy).


Flip the switch, as soon as you no longer need the light, turn it off. For additional savings change to LED lights which are more energy efficient, and if possible use as much natural light throughout your home.

Heating and cooling:

To stay warmer: Get cosy; use a blanket instead of a heater to reduce your energy cost. 

To cool down: Cover your windows in the day to prevent sun from heating up your home. Once the afternoon hits, if you have a nice breeze, open your windows to allow the breeze to keep your house cool.

Solar panels and battery: 

Generate your own energy. A hybrid system (solar panels and battery) still has a connection to the main electricity grid, once the power generated from the solar system and energy stored in your solar battery is depleted, a hybrid system is able to pull the additional energy from the main electricity grid. This means you will only be paying for that energy taken from the grid.

Click here to see what energy saving schemes are currently running in your state.

Brighte Tip: Is your meter number correct? 

Check your meter number to make sure it aligns with your energy bill.