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Energy-saving tips to help reduce your energy bill

Know your habits: Find out how much energy you are using and when, and shop around for potentially cheaper energy retailers.

By Carly Nichols

20 November 2020

Your energy bill is made up of two components, one you can control being your energy usage, and the other you can't control being network costs.

Network costs include the poles and wires used to provide electricity to your home, and can make up to half of your total electricity costs (

Reducing your energy bill:

  1. Know your habits: Find out how much energy you are using and when. This lifestyle information is key to understanding your energy usage behaviour and subsequently provides the information you require to reduce your bill.
  2. Shop around: Compare electricity and gas retailers in your area. You may find your own company has a special deal for new customers, check with them to see if they have a current deal on for loyal customers also. Ask questions around off-peak usage and time of use pricing.

Quick tricks

For a household of 4:

  • Switching off the game console after use could save up tp $193/ year (
  • Switching the dryer for the clothesline once a week could save around $79/ year (

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Generate your own energy

  1. Solar hot water system: 21% of the energy used in your household goes towards hot water, according to the Australian Government (Your Home). Switching to a solar hot water system will, on average meet 50-90% of household requirements (Energy Rating, 2020).  Read more here.
  2. Solar panels: A hybrid system still has a connection to the main electricity grid, once the power generated from the solar system is depleted, a hybrid system is able to pull the additional energy from the main electricity grid. If you have solar panels already, make sure they are optimised.


The information provided in this article is general in nature and does not constitute advice. Please consider your own personal circumstances prior to making any decisions.