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Jay's Synthetic Grass installation

Brighte partnership helps customers install synthetic grass sooner

Founded in 2014, Jays Synthetic Grass has over a decade of expertise in the synthetic grass industry.

06 June 2023

Recognising the customer pain point of expensive and high-maintenance traditional grass, they ventured into the market with a solution that offered long-lasting, low-maintenance synthetic grass. 

A company that prides itself on excellent customer service and quality products, shown in their strong 4.5 Google star rating, Jays Synthetic Grass offers a diverse range of high-quality synthetic grass types catering to various residential and commercial needs. By targeting both residential and commercial sectors, Jays Synthetic Grass has managed to expand their customer base in Western Australia.

Synthetic grass provides both financial and environmental benefits over traditional grass, with benefits including water conversation, reduced chemical use, elimination of mowing and maintenance, longevity and durability, reduced landfill waste, and conservation of natural resources. 

Many customers request financing to allow them to complete their upgrade sooner and pay it off over time, a benefit that Jays Synthetic Grass accesses by offering Brighte finance to it's customers. 

“This partnership was a natural fit, we offer eco-friendly artificial grass, a sustainable alternative to traditional lawns, and Brighte helps customers install synthetic grass sooner with simple finance.” Jays Synthetic Grass owner Jay Luo says. “Sales agents find Brighte intuitive to use and customers rave about the simple application process”.

Jays Synthetic Grass utilises a multi-faceted digital marketing approach to reach customers effectively - using SEO, Google ads and their website. Their online quote system enables customers to request quotes based on their project requirements and budget. A dedicated sales team then provides personalised quotes, including Brighte finance options, which then leads to a seamless supply and installation process. Complementing their online presence, Jays Synthetic Grass also operates a physical storefront, welcoming walk-in customers.

Jays Synthetic Grass continues to support Western Australian households by addressing the pain points associated with traditional grass. While future business plans include the introduction of soft-fall rubber for play areas and the expansion into aluminium and decking installations, their commitment to providing exceptional synthetic grass installations, diverse offerings, and excellent customer service is key to their current success.

Jays Synthetic Grass Team
Jays Synthetic Grass Team