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3 Ways the Brighte App Can Help Grow your Business 

3 Ways the Brighte App Can Help Grow your Business 

By Carly Nichols

We know our vendors are always on-the-go. That’s one of the reasons we created the Brighte app – to make it hassle-free and easy for you to grow your business with Brighte. The app helps you make light work of partnering with Brighte – you can create quotes, submit applications, and more – all through your mobile device and when you’re on the move. 

Here are 3 top reasons to start using the Brighte app – today! 

1.Boost your sales pipeline 

Every sales agent with access to the Brighte app can send customers a quote – it’s an easy way to keep track of all sales conversations. And remember – a quote can be a great selling tool because customers with a quote in their inbox keep you top of mind! You can also boost your sales pipeline with the Brighte app thanks to the Brighte Marketplace – it connects customers directly with your business and brings you quality leads without you having to go looking for them. Set yourself up on the Marketplace using the Vendor Portal, then you can view, quote and contact leads in the Brighte app section 'manage leads'. 

2.Easily submit and manage deals 

The Brighte app’s features don’t stop at creating quotes – you can also instantly submit applications through the app – easily uploading photos of the applicant’s ID documents in the process. We review the application right away and come back to you and the customer to with an outcome – for most applications you’ll hear back in a matter of seconds*. And, once your Brighte applications are approved you can use the Brighte app to track the status of applications and even request payment from Brighte by uploading invoices directly within the app. 

3.Get quick access to training and news 

With the Brighte app you can educate yourself on the go – the app features ‘how-to’ videos and a demo application. This means that once you’ve downloaded the app and completed your initial Brighte training, every member of your sales team can be up and running, and making the most of every feature. And if you need extra support the Brighte team are only an email or phone call away. Through the app you’ll also be among the first to know, through push notifications, about key product updates. 

What our vendors say 

We think the Brighte app is a must-use for all Brighte vendors – but don’t just take our word for it. Our vendors often tell us that once they’ve downloaded the app it quickly becomes a ‘can’t live without’ tool to generate and track sales.  

Here’s what Stanley Sun, Managing Director of Ausuntech Energy, recently said about the app:  

"The Brighte vendor app and portal are great software tools. I find that because the Brighte software is designed well and works smoothly everyone in the business uses it – to submit and check the status of applications, to calculate plan repayments and more.”     

Not got the Brighte app yet? Download it from Google Play or the App Store.  

*Based on Brighte 0% Interest Payment Plans 

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