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6 Common Myths About Solar Panels 

From the United States to Germany, solar has established itself as one of the best sources of renewable energy around the world. Here in Australia, we are experiencing a solar boom with over 2 million Aussie homeowners and businesses making the switch to solar.

Despite its growth and popularity, there are still some common myths about solar panels in circulation. So, we’d like to set the record straight and debunk them once and for all.

Myth 1: Coal is more reliable than renewable energy

Anti-renewable lobby groups regularly position coal as a more reliable source of energy by making misleading statements such as: “In winter you can't use solar", "at night it won't work" and “solar panels don’t work in bad weather”.

These statements couldn’t be further from the truth. Recently the ABC reported that: “Australian National University computer modelling suggests solar and wind could reliably supply 90 per cent of the national electricity market. The modelling matched historical data for wind and sun with every hour of power demand for the years 2006-10. It found that by spacing solar and wind generation far apart, the network could supply shortfalls in areas where the weather was overcast and still"

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Myth 2: Renewable energy can’t supply around the clock electricity

Solar panels might not be able to generate electricity after the sun goes down, however complemented with batteries can make you self sufficient the vast majority of the time, with the grid serving as a backup. Combining your solar panels with a storage battery will mean that any surplus power generated during the day can be stored for later use. The best part? The batteries themselves are charged by the solar panels, so you could have a largely self-contained energy system. Whilst the idea of going completely off-grid might appeal to some people, the additional battery capacity to support this may not be worth the investment. Being grid connected means that you can still draw power when you have additional demand or when there are consecutive cloudy days. Besides, any excess energy can usually be sold back to your energy retailer

Another common misconception out there is that solar panels don’t work when it is cloudy. This claim is not entirely true. Solar panels will still produce 10-25% of their typical output when the skies are grey.

LEARN MORE: NSW Government’s  quick factsheet.

Myth 3: Solar is expensive to install and won't save you money  

Solar panels are a big investment and the high upfront costs can be a roadblock for many customers. That’s why at Brighte we’ve developed fast, easy and affordable payment plans for home energy improvements like solar and batteries. Our 0% interest payment plans allow you to get your solar panels and batteries installed today (without any upfront costs) and pay for them over time.

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Once your new solar system is installed, you are reducing your dependency on the grid. By generating and utilising the energy from your solar system, your electricity bills will decrease. Without a battery, you will need to draw electricity from the grid at night and late evenings. If this is where you are spending the most on your electricity bills, it may be worth considering a battery.

LEARN MORE: The NSW Government has more information on how solar energy can reduce your electricity bill.

Myth 4: Only houses in rural cities can have solar panels, or you need council approval

Solar panels are available to all households around Australia, both in rural and metropolitan areas. The key factors to determine whether your home is suitable are: roof size, roof orientation, shading, household energy needs and budget. Both rural and metropolitan households can access financial benefits when installing a solar system. Most houses do not require council approval, however, if your property is heritage or environment listed then it is worth checking. You should also check if you need approval from your energy distributor, or if they have limitations on the size of the system that you can install.

Learn more about these benefits, and if you’re eligible.

Myth 5: Solar is only good for small households with no kids.

This myth is based off the misconception that solar panels cannot generate enough electricity to power large family homes. Whilst we could show you lots of stats to debunk this myth, we thought we’d share some real-life case studies to demonstrate how much you can save on your electricity bill by switching to solar, no matter how large your home or family is..

Meet Kevin

Kevin lives in North Ryde and has 5 people living their home - his wife, father-in-law and 2 children. After installing a solar panel and battery system, Kevin's electricity bills have gone from $800/quarter to just $10/quarter!

Read Kevin’s full story, and more just like it, here

Myth 6: Solar is for rich greenies only

Yes, solar panels produce clean, renewable electricity that will drastically reduce your home’s carbon footprint. However, the truth is, the top reasons people choose to install solar are the long-term cost-savings and economic benefits the systems bring.  

The price of solar has dropped dramatically in recent years and may be more affordable than you think and certainly not a luxury reserved for the wealthy. Brighte believes all households in Australia deserve to live in a comfortable and energy efficient home . Our 0% interest payment plans allow you to complete your home improvements and pay for it over time.

With so many myths floating around about solar, it’s important that you do your own research. If you’re interested in getting started, a good place to start is with the Brighte Marketplace. Brighte Marketplace lists Brighte accredited vendors, you can browse vendors in your area, request multiple free, no-obligation quotes.  Brighte encourages you to look into the warranty, quality of brands vendors use, their reputation and the price before making a decision.

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