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5 easy ways to kick start your energy saving journey

5 easy ways to kick start your energy saving journey

By Carly Nichols

Still getting that sinking feeling when you open your energy bill, even though you you have refrained from using the dryer, dishwasher and even cut showers short?

That’s why we have compiled a few ideas to help you kickstart your savings journey that, when paired with your individual savings habits, can really impact your energy bill - for the better.

Adding solar

By adding solar panels to your home, you can tap into the Australian sun to generate your own energy, and rely on the grid during the night. This is known as a hybrid system.

If you would like to further reduce your reliance on the grid, installing a battery is the way to go! Utilise the sun from the day, and store additional energy in your battery to utilise at night.

Here are our tips to keep your solar panels optimised.

Add solar hot water system

21% of the energy used in your household goes towards hot water, according to the Australian Government (Your Home). Switching to a solar hot water system will, on average, meet 50-90% of household requirements (Energy Rating, 2020). 

The size of your system will be determined by how many people are in your household, the amount of water used, and when you use your water. For a detailed look at solar hot water systems, read more here.

Look at your water consumption

For a family of 4, replacing a showerhead that flows at 15L/min with:

  • a 3-star shower at 9L/min will save 70kL and $210 each year on water bills
  • a 4-star shower at 6L/min will save 105kL and $315 each year on water bills.

That's just changing your showerhead. Other changes can be made to your taps, dishwasher, washing machine and more!

Check out the Australian government’s run down on all things water efficiency.

Enjoy the change of season without bill shock

As Autumn progresses into winter it’s natural to turn to your air-conditioner as a way to stay cosy.

Depending on the climate zone, heating and/or cooling can account for 20% to 50% of energy used in Australian homes ( - which adds up, especially if you are not optimising your usage.

Brighte Tips: Make sure your space is well-insulated and that you have chosen a heating/cooling option for your home that also is suitable to your space.

Energy Rating:
Australian Government, Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

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