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How a pergola can transform your home

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Sustainable Outdoor Living

Enjoy the outdoors at home. From water wise plants to added shade, let’s look at some key ways you can make your garden sustainable.


Solar pool pumps vs Electric pool pumps

With Australia’s cost of living on the up, now’s a great time to consider how an energy efficient pool pump can help keep your bills under control.


Outdoor blinds that look great and are sustainable

Blinds can be a simple but effective way to make your home more sustainable and your family more comfortable all year round. Discover what they are, their benefits, and what type of blind might be the right choice for you.


How a pergola can transform your home

Whether you enjoy gathering the family together for a summer barbecue or relaxing with a good book in the shade on a lazy Sunday afternoon, a pergola can help take your outdoor living to the next level.


How a verandah can improve your home sustainability


Your guide to a sustainable garden: water wise plants, energy efficiency and more

Making smart choices outside your home can be just as important and it enhances the outdoor lifestyle that so many Aussie families love.

Smart, sustainable paving for an eco-friendly yard

From functionality to cost, design and materials, choose the best sustainable paving options for your home.

How to choose sustainable materials for your outdoor space

Your outdoor space has the potential to be your family’s own private oasis. When it comes to updating it, consider how eco-friendly materials can play a part in making your home more sustainable.

From sun to rainwater – three eco-friendly ways to boost your home’s sustainability

f your family is looking for a way to reduce its carbon footprint and save some money, there are some simple steps you can take to make your entire home more sustainable – and they start in your backyard.

Garage sustainability

How to make your garage the hub of sustainability

Follow these tips to make your garage the hub of sustainability in your home. From EV charging to extra insulation, find out what you need to know.

roof types

What's the best type of roof for your home?

In rain, hail, high winds and belting sun, the roof is a home’s first line of defence against the elements.

Kick-start your sustainable home journey with Brighte

Brighte partners with 2,400+ and installers around Australia that are ready to make your home more sustainable. From new builds, renovations, or replacing appliances around the home, we help close the gap with sustainable payment options to suit your household budget.

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