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Electric vehicles

Older man in green linen shirt, opens plug cap on his electric vehicle to begin charging it.

Why should I consider getting an electric vehicle?

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How an electric vehicle can contribute to your sustainable household

Electric vehicles and solar panels are often one of the first steps households take when starting your sustainable home journey.

There are many benefits to owning and running an electric vehicle, they're 70% cheaper per kilometre than a car with a combustible engine, resulting in an average savings of $1,600 in fuel costs each year. Electric vehicles are also cheaper to service.

It’s important to consider various factors when purchasing an EV, we've created some articles and guides to help navigate the world of electric vehicles.

Young girl with a green ribbon in her hair leans against the bonnet electric car, while looking at a printed map to find charging stations near by.

Charging and finding electric vehicle charging stations

Are you unsure how and where you can charge an electric vehicle (EV)? We've got your covered.

Young man, leans against yellow transit van drinking coffee, while waiting for it to electrically charge.

How much electricity does an electric vehicle use?

Many factors contribute to running an electric vehicle, such as energy cost, and driving habits, but it’s also important to note the impact of solar panels.

Young man with his back to us, standing beside a red electric vehicle. Stretches his arms high above his head.

Travelling long distances with an electric vehicle; everything you need to know

When considering purchasing an electric vehicle, one of the main concerns people have is about how far the car can travel, it’s so common that it has its own term “range anxiety”.

Woman with her back to us, stands in front of her electric vehicle parked in her back yard. In her hand she holds a charging cable for her EV.

Government incentives for electric vehicles (EV)

To help speed up the transition to EVs, the Australian Government and state and territory governments have introduced incentives to help make them more affordable.

Hand reaches our pointing towards a black hybrid electric vehicle, which has the word 'hybrid' written on it.

What is the difference between a hybrid model and battery electric vehicle?

As you explore the world of sustainability and electric vehicles, you may start to hear about hybrid models, questions like 'are hybrids more cost-effective?' and 'how do they work?' will enter your search bar. So, we’ve broken down the main elements to help you decide.

Electric Vehicle servicing

Electric Vehicles vs. Petrol Cars: A Comparison of Servicing and Maintenance

In this article, we'll cover servicing needs, energy savings, longevity, and the influence of individual driving habits and needs.

install Electric vehicle chargers

Installing Home Electric Vehicle Chargers: What to Expect

As electric vehicles (EVs) gain traction, many homeowners are looking to install home electric vehicle chargers for convenient and cost-effective charging.

Power your electric vehicle with solar

Take full advantage of the sun by charging your electric vehicle using solar power. A home solar system will make your electric vehicle a zero-emissions car.

Kick-start your sustainable home journey with Brighte

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