Solar finance options

Finance your solar panels and solar battery with Brighte

Financing your solar system removes the upfront cost. Enjoy the benefits today and repay over time with a 0% Interest Payment Plan or Green loan.

  • Finance available from $1k to $30k
  • Fast approval process
  • Connect with local tradies

How does it work?
Brighte has a network of over 1700+ tradies nationally. Our tradies can offer a Green loan or 0% Interest Payment Plan.
Find a local tradie, request a quote and use Brighte finance for your solar panels or battery. It’s that easy!

How much can I borrow?
The Brighte 0% Interest Payment Plan and the Brighte Green Loan is available for purchases between $1k – $30k.

Fast, online application
Discover your borrowing power online, in minutes. Brighte pre-approval provides you with a conditionally approved payment plan up to $15,000.

Who offers Brighte finance?
Access over 1700+ tradies with the Brighte Marketplace. Or bring your own. Just email with their contact information and the project you are looking to complete and we will reach out to them

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