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Brighte Vendor app allows you to complete an application or refer a customer for Brighte finance, while you are with your customer.

  • Start an application: The Brighte Vendor app, allows you to submit an application for all of Brighte’s residential products
  • Brighte 0% Interest Payment Plan: Submit your customer’s application and find out in minutes* if they are approved!
  • Brighte Green Loan and Brighte Personal Loan: Refer your customers contact details to Brighte. Your customer will then receive a link to the Brighte Green Loan or Brighte Personal Loan application form to their nominated email address to continue.
  • Produce a quote for the Brighte 0% interest payment plan: Your customer may not be ready to apply yet, that’s okay! you can produce a quote through the app, and send it directly to their email address. Your customer will have the opportunity to think about the purchase, and then accept the quote directly from the email.
  • Track the progress: The Brighte Vendor app, allows you to track the progress of your customers. This includes their application status.
  • Request payment When the job is complete, let us know in the app, and once-approved, get paid within the same business day^

Easily manage your customers via the Brighte App
Submit a referral for a Brighte product, right from your pocket!
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*Brighte 0% interest payment plan applications that have provided all the required information, and require no additional credit checks will be approved in minutes, if further information is required the applicant will hear back within 1-3 business days.
^Vendors who offer the Brighte 0% interest payment plan will be paid within the same business day, provided payment request is submitted prior to 2pm. Brighte Green Loan and Brighte Personal Loan will be paid within 1-3 business days of approval