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Finance and Beyond: ACT Government launch the Sustainable Household Scheme Dashboard developed by Brighte

The ACT Government has launched a data dashboard developed by Brighte for the Sustainable Household Scheme to track, measure and compare uptake data.

19 April 2024

  • The ACT Government has launched a data dashboard
    developed by Brighte to track, measure, and compare data that shows the uptake of sustainability upgrades made through the Sustainable Household Scheme (the scheme) in the ACT.
  • More than 17,650 installations have been completed in
    the ACT with the Sustainable Household Scheme providing $195 million in financial support.
  • The ACT Government engaged Brighte to build
    engagement, provide transparency and encourage community participation.

The ACT Government has launched an online consumer-facing data dashboard to track, measure and compare in real time the sustainability upgrades installed through the ACT’s Sustainable Household Scheme which is administered by Brighte.

The Sustainable Household Scheme Dashboard assists the ACT Government in providing transparency of the scheme while also engaging community in the sustainability journey. It allows users to search via postcode which sustainability products are popular, the number of loans and average size of loans, solar capacity and uptake.

While solar remains popular with more than 480 Kambah residents installing solar, the data also shows how appetites are changing. More than 3,400 people have used the scheme to access reverse cycle air conditioners, while hot water heat pumps are also on the rise with more than 1,000 people using the scheme for this purpose. 

According to Brighte Founder and CEO Katherine McConnell, developing and innovating data tools such as the data dashboard to compliment schemes and programs, is an important part of Brighte’s capabilities. 

The data dashboard is an industry first demonstrating Brighte’s capability to develop digital data tools for government partners to help them run successful schemes.

“Using data to showcase outcomes in real-time, we can help large-scale projects demonstrate their scalability and how they are accelerating sustainability projects.”

Over the past two years, the SHS has been a hugely successful scheme in the ACT in driving energy transition and electrification. To date, more than 17,650 installations have been completed with the scheme providing $195 million in financial support and generating more than 104,500 kilowatts of energy.

For more information on the SHS, click here. To access real-time data from the Dashboard, click here.