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You have requested for a quote, while you wait you can fast track your process and apply for pre-approval of a Brighte payment plan.

What does this mean?

Brighte pre-approval provides you with a conditionally approved payment plan up to $15,000.  This makes the process faster and easier. After you have chosen a vendor and accepted the quote,  you will be taken to the application page. Simply select you are an existing customer, add in your Brighte customer number and date of birth to fastrack the approval.

Am I locked into a contract with Brighte pre-approval?

You are not locked into any contract with Brighte when applying for pre-approval. Pre-approval fast tracks your application.

How much can I be pre-approved for?

Brighte pre-approval is limited to $15,000. This may not be suited for all purchases as we offer payment plans up to $30,000.

*All Brighte payment plans subject to fees & terms.

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