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ACT Sustainable Household Scheme

Helping the ACT reach net zero by 2045 - $200m ACT Sustainable Household Scheme

Launched in July 2021 the Sustainable Household Scheme (SHS) in the ACT is designed to help households access affordable, clean energy solutions.

The Scheme offers interest-free loans for eligible residents to purchase and install solar panels, batteries, and energy-efficient appliances.

Originally established as a $150 million program over 5 years, the Scheme has proven highly popular, with $200 million of demand in two years.

As the exclusive finance and administration provider, Brighte is proud to partner with the ACT Government to deliver the SHS program. We provide flexible financing options to help residents make the most of the scheme and switch to renewable energy sources. Brighte also assists the ACT government in managing the Home Energy Support scheme, with loans and rebates for low income households.



1,800 tons

annual CO2 reduction


reduction in household operating costs


of renewable power generated


of the ACTs total power demand

6 weeks

To develop and launch the Scheme

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