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Getting off gas

Step 1

Give yourself a pat on the back 👏👏

You have already made big steps in your electrification journey.

Next up, permanently disconnecting the gas supply for your property.

Step 2

Disconnect your gas supply

It's time to say goodbye to gas

This is the part where things can get trickier. You are at the forefront of electrification in Australia and your gas retailer and distributor may not have processes in place to make this an easy ride.

Your goal is to permanently disconnect the gas supply from your property. This means you will no longer be able to consume gas, and you will no longer receive a gas supply charge.

How permanent disconnection works

A permanent disconnection is the process of removing the pipes and gas meter from your property.

The first step is to contact your energy retailer and discuss your plan. They will arrange with the network operator for a plumber to visit your property.

There is a fee involved in permanently disconnecting your property and this varies by state.

What about a temporary disconnection?

Your energy retailer may give you the option to suspend your gas account temporarily for a fixed cost.

You should consider whether this is the right solution for you. Following the suspension you will continue to pay a gas supply charge even if you are not incurring any usage fees.

Disconnecting gas supply


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