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The support you need to stay in Australia: Sponsorship at Brighte

Talent Acquisition Specialist Huy Do on Brighte's approach to sponsorship and how we champion internal mobility for sponsored workers.

By Huy Do

24 February 2022

Brighte is always on the hunt for talented and passionate people, and our perspective is that if it takes visa sponsorship to get a brilliant mind on board with us, we’re all for it.

We also champion internal mobility because we know that this can have a profound impact on the lives of people who are on a visa to stay in Australia. We’ll do what it takes to keep the right talent with us.

As someone who is on a working visa myself (and knows all the stress of waiting for visa approval and so on!) I understand how important it is to have support from the right employer. To that end, we make sure that when we’re undergoing a sponsorship process at Brighte, we communicate with the candidate regularly and keep everyone involved up to date at all times.

What you can expect from the process with Brighte

The visa application process can be a long and difficult journey, but fortunately Brighte is an accredited and experienced sponsor. We partner with experienced immigration lawyers who give us detailed advice on all the how’s, what’s and whys, so we can effortlessly assist our people and their families. We also have a team specifically dedicated to internal mobility, who translate complex legal jargon into plain, simple English and help people to navigate everything.

As part of our job application process, we ask every candidate we speak to if they need sponsorship. When we know this from the very first call, we can prepare all the necessary steps in advance so by the time they’re offered a role with us, we are already compliant with the government’s sponsorship policies for the candidate in question.

We then pair our candidate with an internal mobility team member and discuss their case with our immigration lawyers. From here, our lawyers will advise the best possible route for them. This concerns not only how we can sponsor them now, but also making sure we can set them up for the long term within Australia, whether they stay with Brighte or not.

The candidate will then gather all required documents and once everything is checked, double-checked and triple-checked, we launch the application with the Australian government.

As mentioned, we keep the candidate updated constantly. We’ll generally have an idea of their start date (subject to visa approval) so once they’re approved, we’re ready to onboard them and welcome them to the team!

Our priority is the right people – wherever they’re from

We’ve always prioritised having the right people, so we’re happy to make the effort to support you if you’re right for us. We also appreciate how hard it is to relocate for a job, so we’re always looking at how we can help make the transition as smooth as possible for candidates we bring in from outside Australia.

Simply put, internal mobility has just never been an issue for Brighte. During the second COVID wave when work was in short supply, we had a graduate working with us who was six months’ short of the experience he needed for sponsorship approval after his studies.

We didn’t want to leave him high and dry after coming to the end of his fixed-term contract, so we searched hard across the business for another role for him. We ended up finding a role for him providing excellent IT support to the wider team and we’ve now taken him on permanently – and in two years, he can apply for permanent residency! It’s just one great example of how Brighte supports internal mobility and sponsored employees.