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How to dress a brand for success: Insights from Brighte's brand marketing team

Our brand marketing team discuss how they are bringing the Brighte brand to life and getting Australians on board with our sustainability mission.

By Claire Wright

31 January 2022

For those of us at Brighte, it’s clear how exciting our product is, and we’re all united in our desire to make every home in Australia sustainable. All we’ve got to do now is show the rest of the world how we’re changing it!

That’s where our marketing team comes in. It’s up to our talented marketers to get our brand ‘out there’ – to make it visible to consumers, and importantly, educate them on who we are and what we do. We know we’ve got a product that’s so fantastic it will be widely embraced, so right now, it’s just a matter of putting our skill and creativity to work and making people aware of it. Growth is inevitable for Brighte - it’s an exciting time to get in on the ground floor with us!

Here’s what our marketing team has been doing so far.

Nigel Seeto, Head of Brand & Integrated Marketing

What were the drivers behind the new Brighte brand campaign?

The general awareness of climate change and the need for sustainability has never been greater, and Brighte is a company that can play a huge role in how we address some of these challenges.

We’re at an inflection point: we’re loved by our customers yet have minimal awareness amongst the broader population. We’re ready for the next stage of growth and need to position the brand to reach more Australians in order to deliver the impact we’re striving for.

We’re on a mission to make every home sustainable, and to do that we need to become one of Australia’s most iconic and trusted brands. The brand launch reflects that ambition and our desire to support our customers on their journey to sustainability.

Can you give us your tips on increasing brand awareness?

Firstly, put down the TV media plan. Take a step back and understand why you want to increase brand awareness.

Start with the marketing fundamentals: diagnosis, strategy, execution. This will reveal what the challenge really is and help you uncover whether brand awareness really is your objective. Getting the basics right will ensure you’re developing an effective strategy – and it’s pointless trying to increase awareness if you don’t know who you’re targeting, or how you need to position your brand or product.

Ultimately, get this right and the required tactics will start to become clear – you’ll know which activities and channels will reach your target audience. And be clear on the roles of each channel – a reach-based strategy to drive awareness will look very different to a conversion-based strategy to drive signups.

Last but not least, ensure you have the correct frameworks and metrics in place to measure your activity and awareness. This will allow you to review, analyse and optimise your activity, and ensure you’re on track to achieve your objectives.

How would you describe the culture on Brighte’s marketing team?

In a nutshell, collaborative, fast-paced, ambitious and supportive. We’re diverse individuals with shared values who know that doing our jobs well means contributing to a better world for us and our children to live in. That’s hugely motivating and gives us a powerful shared purpose.

Brighte’s culture is built around a number of key values, and there’s three in particular I wanted to highlight here. ‘Call The Ball’ speaks to the high-performance nature of the company, the bias to action, the support we show to each other, and the fact we run towards problems. 'Brighter Together’ reinforces the role of the team and collaboration, and the shared understanding that we can achieve so much more together than we can as individuals. Finally, 'Be Human’ is demonstrated through the empathy, support and authentic leadership that comes from all levels of the business. We set ambitious goals and have very high standards – but we want to achieve them together.

The marketing team (and broader Brighte team) bring incredible experience from a wide variety of backgrounds, and it’s this combination that helps create Brighte’s superpower and make it such a great team to be a part of. I’m incredibly proud to be part of it and excited to see where this journey takes us.

Olivia Kent, Marketing Manager

What were your key considerations when coming up with the Brighte brand campaign?

Firstly, this was our very first campaign directed at consumers, which meant our main challenge was introducing the brand. Brighte as a consumer facing brand was relatively new so we focused on two things: marketing our brand to our target audience through multiple platforms, then educating our target markets on who we are and what we do.

We implemented a multi-media strategy to expose Brighte to consumers across multiple platforms. This includes a range of advertorials across major TV networks, radio ads, TV commercials on mainstream channels, advertised on multiple streaming services and YouTube, and billboards.

Tell us about the most exciting part about the Brighte brand campaign launch?

Working on Brighte’s first brand campaign was by far a career highlight for me, and one of the most exciting projects I’ve had the privilege of working on. Our first ever TV commercial is one of my favourite assets so far. We used Fat Boy Slim’s song, Right Here, Right Now (which I’m a huge fan of) and changed the lyrics to ‘Brighte here, Brighte now.’ We had so much fun on this and I’m still super excited when I see it on TV!

Being part of the process from ideation right through to execution was genuinely an eye-opening and fun process. It was a great way to learn the ins and outs of how to build a television campaign.

Why did you choose to join Brighte?

I connected with Brighte’s strong mission to make every home sustainable. I was also really drawn to its diverse leadership team, in particular CEO Katherine McConnell. Being in financial services for most of my career, I hadn’t seen a lot of female CEOs in the industry (although I’m thrilled to see this changing). After hearing Katherine speak at a few fintech events, I knew she was a strong and ambitious leader who I wanted to learn from.

Another major drawcard was that Brighte is at a stage of growth that provides so much opportunity, making it such an exciting time to be working here.

And what’s your favourite part of the job?

The people. Everyone is friendly, supportive, ambitious and accommodating. We speak our minds openly. Working with a group of genuine and down to earth people makes coming to work each day easy. There’s a real sense of community, and the support of each individual is unlike any other place I’ve ever worked.

Paul Greguric, Content and Community Lead

What’s it like leading content and community within Brighte’s brand team?

At Brighte, so many of our teams and team members work on content because it’s such a prevalent part of a tech business. Ensuring we have consistent brand cues and maintain a high quality of output across projects while also delivering ‘always-on’ content can be a juggle. But it’s heartening to see our progression and a quality of output that matches our growth.

We create the majority of our content end to end with our in-house cross-functional team. This includes growth marketers, product managers, employee branding managers, designers and UX designers. We all work in collaboration with a group of experts, freelance partners and our creative agency, which helps us stay agile while delivering at speed.

Tell us how the new brand launch brings Brighte to life?

We have a great story to tell but needed to bring it to life in a way that connected with Australian homeowners. Our brand refresh and consumer launch is a great way to introduce Brighte to Australian homeowners that want to live sustainably. The brand platform for our launch is ‘Bring Sustainable Home,’ this anchors all our storytelling and activations, and reflects how we are bringing that power of the sun to homes all over Australia. The first creative experience under the Bring Sustainable Home platform is our “Bring the Sun Home” integrated campaign, showing how people can get solar sooner with Brighte.

Why did you decide to join Brighte?

The mission, the team and the opportunity – those were key things that made me want to join Brighte. I wanted to work for a business that is not only looking to do good for the world and future generations but is also at the forefront of innovation. I love that Brighte’s mission is to make every home sustainable and that all activity across the business is guided by this.

During my interview process, I was energised by each team member's passion for the business and how they can help play a part in helping Brighte succeed. I walked away from each meeting with a sense of excitement and possibility that has continued today. Also, being a scale-up means we have so much growth and opportunity ahead of us. I find this really exciting because it allows me to use my experience to hit the ground running with a group of people that have a growth mindset.

What’s your favourite aspect of being on this team?

I love how collaborative and supportive every single person is. I am constantly impressed by how much we all help each other. No task or request is too small and sending out a request for support never goes without someone putting their hand up to see how they can help. Two of our values really do bring this culture to life: ‘Call The Ball’ and ‘Brighter Together.’