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How our customer focus is driving our business forward

Continuous Improvement Manager Eleanor Hashemi on our customer-centric culture and how her team champions the 'Voice of the Customer' within Brighte.

By Eleanor Hashemi

09 December 2021

At Brighte, we are constantly disrupting the status quo as we spearhead huge changes in both the finance and energy sectors. It’s great to work at such an innovative company and to learn from each other as we grow.  

One of our core values is 'Deserve the customer'. Without our customers, we are nothing. We strive to go above and beyond to really deserve their business and trust, and from our finance to our energy products, we pride ourselves on being truly customer-centric.  

To ensure we are living this value, my team collects customer feedback and channels it to the wider business. Through a range of customer surveys, we collect data-rich customer insights, pull out key trends in our feedback and drive improvement projects across the business to better enhance our product offerings and ultimately our customer experience.  

The Voice of the Customer 

The Voice of the Customer (VoC) refers to feedback from our customers about their experiences with and expectations of our products. This information is important because it allows us to understand how closely we are matching our customers’ expectations. 

Here at Brighte, we use multiple platforms to gather this information and build out our VoC. We collect feedback at multiple points in the customer journey, some of these touchpoints include surveying customers while they interact with our website or following conversations with our contact centre.  

Until recently, we manually interacted with this qualitative data to pull out themes and trends within the comments. However, as Brighte scales up, we need to ensure our processes are scalable too. That’s where our Continuous Improvement (CI) team comes into the picture. 

Continuous improvement to manage scaling demand 

The CI team has been focusing on using analytics and data to help us better understand the customer experience. We are implementing more in-depth keyword analyses to help us further uncover what is driving our performance metrics. This level of analysis will help us identify pain points within the customer journey and enable us to quantify the number of customers impacted by a known cause.  

By turning qualitative VoC data into statistically significant quantitative data, we hope to build out improvement projects and change programs that optimise both operational efficiency and the customer experience.  

To make this data visible to both the Operations team and the wider business, the CI team reports these insights via multiple channels that target different audiences. By doing this, we hope to fuel customer-led, data-driven decision-making throughout Brighte.  

The best thing about being a multi-product company 

Brighte is constantly striving to improve our customer experience. Regardless of the product, we always set out to put the customer first.  

For example, until recently, we did not have any type of assistance in place for our finance customers who required language support. We quickly learnt from our customer feedback that we were not providing a best-in-class customer experience for customers with language barriers, and of course this had to change. So, when the Energy department implemented translation and interpretation services for their customers, the finance department jumped at the opportunity to adopt the same service.  

This kind of cross-collaboration is one of the biggest benefits of being part of a multi-product company. Each team gets to learn from each other and leverage each other’s successes and developments to drive our own. 

Our customers are front of mind, always  

As we continue to grow, it is imperative that we keep our customers at the forefront of any decisions we make.  

This customer-centric culture is what sets businesses apart from their competitors, and at Brighte, deserving our customers and earning their trust really is at the heart of everything we do.