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Brighte wins Finder's Green Lender of The Year!

Brighte wins Finder's Green Lender of The Year!

By Brighte Team

We were thrilled to win not 1 but 2 Finder Green Awards 2020! Not only did we win Green Lender of The Year, our fearless founder Katherine McConnell also won Green Leader of The Year.

Finder’s Green Lender of the year award - Brighte

Criteria included;

  • a non-bank provider offering loans or credit to Australian consumers in the last 12 months, specialising in climate-friendly products.
  • current environmental performance
  • environmental targets
  • reporting and accreditation.

The finalists included Brighte and RateSetter, with Brighte coming out on top!

Finder’s assessment team were 'Impressed by Brighte as a high -growth Australian Business making affordable financing arrangements possible for Australians looking to improve their homes. Their focus on climate friendly lending stood them in particular good steed and to date 93% of their loans have financed solar panels and home batteries in Australia. Keep funding the translation Brighte”.

Green Lender of The Year - Katherine McConnell

Criteria included:

  • Any Australian-based individual who has taken the lead on driving positive sustainability or environmental management outcomes for their organisation in the 12 months prior to 31 December 2019.

The finalists included Dr Kaushik Sridhar (National Sustainability Manager, Regis Aged Care), James Chin Moody (CEO, Sendle), Jonas Bengtsson (CEO, Edge Environment), Katherine McConnell (CEO, Brighte)

Finders assessment team concluded: “The judges were blown away by Katherine’s passion, which has seen her deliver a high-growth service that has been adopted by more than 40,000 Australians in just three years. Katherine makes green living accessible and affordable for every-day Australians, the 8,881% growth rate of the past three years is testament to her commitment and laser-sharp focus”.

To Katherine winning 2x Finder Awards at a personal level and also as the CEO and Founder for Brighte was very exciting “I’m so proud of the team I have around me, this is an incredible honour to have won Finder’s Green Lender of The Year and Finder Green Leader of The Year. At Brighte we are just getting started and our mission is to simply make paying easy, so more Australian’s can have the benefit of sustainable and comfortable homes. It’s a really important time to reflect on how far we have come, and be proud of all we have achieved in only 3 years. Thank you, Finder, this is a real honour and we can’t wait to attend in person in 2021".

Our hats go off to the Finder crew for launching a nearly flawless zoom video award ceremony. Congratulations to all the winners.

You can see all of the amazing finalists here;

lender of the year
Brighte Wins Green Lender of the year 2020
Katherine McConnell winds Leader Of The Year
Katherine McConnell wins Finder's Leader Of The Year
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