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ACT Sustainable Households Scheme Dashboard goes live

The ACT Sustainable Households Scheme Dashboard has gone live, providing the ACT with the power to search via postcode what installs, loan size and solar capacity is being used in different suburbs.

07 December 2023

Brighte has developed the Sustainable Households Scheme Dashboard to track, measure and compare the sustainability upgrades installed in different suburbs of the ACT.

Designed to complement the Sustainable Households Scheme (SHS), the data dashboard includes statistics such as the highest overall uptake, the proportion of installations that are hot water pumps, EVs or reverse cycle air conditioners, insulation and solar.

Users are able to search via postcode which products are popular, the number of loans, average size, solar capacity and uptake.

Over the past two years, the SHS has been a hugely successful scheme in the ACT in driving energy transition and electrification. To date, almost 20,000 applications have been received from residents seeking to install an upgrade and to access the $280 million scheme.

The new data dashboard brings an added dimension to the Scheme, providing fun and building further momentum to help sustain the ACT’s sustainability journey and encourage more people to join the transition.

For more information on the ACT SHS, email