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ACT Solar for Apartments Program is now available - Apply today

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ACT Sustainable Household Scheme Solar for Apartments

The program provides owners corporations up to $100,000 to install rooftop solar at each eligible apartment complex in the ACT.

Find out if you're eligible

Solar for Apartments

The Solar for Apartments Program provides owners corporations up to $100,000, to install rooftop solar. 50% of the funds will be supplied as an ACT Government grant, and the remaining 50% will be funded by a Brighte 0% interest loan.

Finance amount
Up to $50,000
Repayment terms
Up to 10 years
Interest rate
Customer fees
  • $0 establishment fee
  • $0 weekly account keeping fee
  • $0 introducer fee
  • $4.99 late payment fee late payment fee may be applied if you miss a repayment (Late fees are capped at $49.90/year)
Eligibility & terms
Solar planning

How to get started

Step 1: Complete the registration form

To register for the Solar for Apartments Program, complete the Solar for Apartments Program Registration Form.

Step 2: Find a supplier and get a quote

Use the Brighte Marketplace to review list of local accredited suppliers that can help you install your rooftop solar. You will need to collect a minimum of three quotes from three different solar installers.

Step 3: Apply for Grant Lock-In Approval

Once you have submitted three independent quotes and received feedback, you can proceed to submit a Grant Lock-In Request with the preferred quote.

Step 3: Apply for finance

Once you have been notified of Grant Lock-In Approval you can start your Brighte 0% interest loan application with your approved supplier.

That’s it! Once approved for finance, your chosen supplier will take care of the installation process for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Brighte?

At Brighte, we’re on a mission to make sustainability affordable and accessible for everyone.

We passionately believe that sustainable homes can be both affordable and comfortable, without compromise. Australians deserve to love the homes they live in now, and not have to wait until tomorrow.

Our easy finance solutions help households take advantage of the ongoing cost advantages that energy efficient products offer, sooner.

Click around our website to learn more about Brighte.

How do I find the Unimproved Value (UV) of a unit?

Only apartment complexes where the average unimproved value for an apartment is less than $300,000 from the year 2022 and onwards are eligible for the Program.

You can find out the unimproved value of a property by visiting Access Canberra and entering in the address for which you intend to install on.

You can calculate the average unimproved value of a unit for an apartment complex in 2 ways:

  • Divide the total unimproved value of the land by the number of units within the apartment complex.
  • Divide the total unimproved values for each of the units within the apartment complex by the number of units within the apartment complex.
Can I borrow more with Brighte above the $50k ACT Solar for Apartment loan?

If the installation exceeds a total cost of $100,000 you can choose to apply for additional funding with Brighte to cover the additional costs. Simply request this when discussing your payment options with your chosen Brighte supplier.

Please note, this will be treated as a separate loan application, interest charges and fees will apply on funds borrowed above the $50,000 cap and will be subject to our lending criteria and terms & conditions.

Can other sustainable home upgrades and products be installed through the program?

No. The grant and loan are only to assist with the installation of rooftop solar, of which all residents must benefit from the solar.

For other upgrades and products visit ACT Government Sustainable Household Scheme.