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It’s time for
solar to shine

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Together, we have an incredible opportunity to help Aussies who are feeling the pinch of rising energy prices and the general cost of living.

Installing solar and making sustainable home upgrades can protect homeowners from the impact of rising energy costs.

Finance can provide simple repayment options for customers, making sustainable upgrades more affordable.

Energy retailers are pointing to solar as a solution to the rising cost of energy, which means more Australians are in the market for solar.

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To help you navigate this changing market, we're creating a series of guides on the key factors impacting homeowners today.


Aussies are feeling the pinch

Australians are searching for ways to manage the increasing costs of living to establish more financial security.


Wholesale electricity prices have more than doubled in the past year.



Electricity prices for consumers are expected to increase from 1 July.



The cash rate is rising, with borrowers being warned to expect more interest rate hikes ahead.

The Guardian


High inflation means the cost of everyday items like groceries and petrol is also increasing.


Some energy retailers are even telling their own customers to leave because the cost of service is too unpredictable.

Recent changes and their impacts on households

Why are energy prices rising?

Wholesale energy prices are rising due to a number of factors, including the war in Ukraine, coal-fired and gas plant outages and extreme weather events which have disrupted supply chains.

How is this impacting everyday Australians?

State and territory regulators have increased the price caps on what retailers can charge consumers for electricity in NSW, South Australia, south-east QLD and Victoria. These changes will come into effect from 1 July and are expected to result in higher bills. Rising electricity bills can have a big impact on households, particularly during winter where energy usage typically increases.

Can installing solar and a battery save households money?

A typical home will reduce their electricity bills by 30 to 60% by installing solar, recouping the initial investment in three to five years, according to the Australian Energy Foundation. As electricity prices rise, this pay-off period shortens. While battery systems are still relatively expensive, installing a battery can pay off for households with particularly high energy bills and can also provide them with protection against power outages in some cases.


Installing solar and improving the energy-efficiency of a home can have an immediate impact on a household's energy bills.

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Top tips for selling with finance

Addressing customers' budget concerns head-on can help you close more sales. Use these talking points to guide your conversations.


Talk to your customers about

Higher energy costs = faster ROI

The payback period significantly reduces as energy prices rise.

This is because the cost of installing solar and the value received remains the same, whereas the cost of not having solar can continue to increase.

Electricity prices for consumers are expected to increase from 1 July


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Keeping their savings aside for tomorrow

With our 0% interest payment plan, customers can hold onto their savings and pay off the investment over time - something many will value in the current environment.

Affordable fortnightly repayments


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Using finance to increase their budget size

With finance, customers aren’t limited by their current budget. This allows them to increase their overall spend to install a larger system, or even include a battery for more self-reliance.

Affordable fortnightly repayments

Further protection from energy market changes


When presenting quotes

Lead with fortnightly repayments

Customers can get cold feet when presented with a quote, even if it's for the amount they were expecting. Offering them fortnightly repayments can help ease the stress and make it more affordable to pay off over time.

A $5,000 solar system paid off over 60 months on Brighte’s 0% interest payment plan = $41.47 estimated fortnightly repayments


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Offsetting repayments with energy savings

Solar and sustainable home upgrades offer a way for customers to reduce their energy bills and take back control. A customer's repayments can be offset by the money they save on their electricity bills, reducing their out of pocket expenses.


Using the tools

Using our repayments calculator

With our repayments calculator, you can provide your customer with an estimate of their fortnightly repayments on the go.

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We’re here to help you navigate the current market

For more tips on how financing can help you and your customers, contact your Brighte representative or call us on 1300 274 448.