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Your Choice Solar leads with Brighte

“Customers don’t have to reach into their pockets to go green.”

Your Choice Solar is a business on a mission ‘to help families, businesses and the farming community from all walks of life across Australia insulate themselves from future price rises’. Since founding Your Choice Solar in 2016 Mark McEvoy and Michael Vazquez have grown the business rapidly. It’s now a strong team of 32 with over 10 centres servicing customers Australia wide.

Supporting the livelihood of their many employees is one reason Mark and fellow Director Michael Vazquez, are so passionate about the business. Their other big motivator is helping Australians go green. “We’re passionate about improving Australia’s energy efficiency, helping everyone go green, and offsetting carbon emissions. Mark explains.

Your Choice Solar’s residential customers are typically regional or rural families in three to four-bedroom homes. A 5kw solar system is, in Mark’s words, their ‘bread and butter’ installation.

Offering finance options is one tool they continuously use to keep their customers happy. Why? if you can provide them with a way to get solar by using the savings from their electricity bill, it’s a no brainer.

Brighte is their finance provider of choice. “ We introduce Brighte as our leading finance solution. Having Brighte means they can pay their system off over time. It can make it more affordable then paying the full price upfront. How we see it is that the money customers save on their electricity bill can go to covering the repayments on their solar system. The goal is for the customer to have no net out-of-pocket costs compared to before – meaning they don’t have to reach deep into pocket to go green.”

It’s not just Your Choice Solar’s customers who benefit from Brighte – the business does too. Aside from the additional sales that come from customers who don’t have funds upfront to cover their system, Mark outlines more benefits of partnering with Brighte.

The sales support team really like Brighte because with remote or regional customers we can organise finance over the phone. And if there are any upgrades, downgrades or extras that weren’t part of the initial sale, we can include them. Brighte will then confirm the customers new repayment”

“The portal is easy to use – the accounts team can quickly upload invoices and get payments. Payment times are so quick that if we get the invoice in by midday the funds can be in our account the next morning.”

Finally, Mark shares his advice to other businesses considering financing: “Look for a high approval rate. This was the most important factor for us in choosing a provider – with Brighte we are seeing around a 90% approval rate.

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