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“Solar businesses need to be ahead of the game when it comes to technology – and PVsell from Sunwiz is an easy way to achieve this.”

SunWiz Solar Case Study

SunWiz is Australia’s leading solar consultancy. Founded in 2005 the business continues to evolve to achieve its mission “to help solar businesses grow and prosper sustainably”.

Warwick Johnston, the founder of SunWiz, has an ambitious goal, We believe solar is the future, not just for Australia but globally, that’s why our aim is to see solar panels on every roof in Australia. Moving to solar is a big positive step forwards both financially and environmentally, and we want more Aussie homes and businesses to be powered by, or as we say ‘empowered by’ the sun.”

SunWiz offers market intelligence, products, guidance, reports and more – all designed to drive the growth of solar businesses. As Warwick explains, “We spend our time crunching numbers into useful industry insights and developing strategies and products that help solar businesses succeed.”

One of those products is the business transforming ‘PVsell’ software. For many years PVsell has been an essential part of the toolkit of vendors operating in the commercial solar segment. It’s a sophisticated but easy to use software tool that helps vendors close more deals, and close them quicker. It can also play a role in increasing the profitability of each sale.


PVsell is now available as a residential focused product – and Sunwiz is passionate about how PVsell can help take residential solar businesses to the next level. “It’s clear that solar vendors need to be ahead of the game. And, the best way to get there is to be armed with the best in market technology and tools. Like our cloud based PVsell product and Brighte’s 0% interest payment plans. They’re both ways to be one step ahead when pitching to residential customers,” says Warwick Johnston.


What are the key benefits of PVsell? Businesses can use PVsell’s automated roof layout tool in standalone mode, or go next level and also use PVsell to produce customer proposals with sophisticated yet easy to understand financial analysis.


Warwick elaborates, “The PVsell roof layout tool includes free HD imagery from Spookfish and a wide range of imagery options. It enables businesses to complete a panel layout in less than one minute and we know that on plenty of jobs all that’s needed is a roof layout. But we also know that a winning proposal can take customers on a journey that demonstrates how a given system is ideal for their needs. That’s why we expanded PVsell to include compelling proposals with charts that are proven to help close deals. With PVsell you can use our off-the-shelf proposals, tailor your own proposal, or use PVsell charts in your own publishing software.”


At Brighte we know our vendors are always looking for solutions that help their sales teams build trust with customers and close more deals. That’s why we’re excited about PVsell – it gives sales agents more confidence, makes solar businesses look even more professional and ultimately it speeds up the sales process and helps you close more deals.


PVsell is a win/win for solar businesses and customers – it helps businesses offer customers accurate savings projections in their proposals. It also helps understand the precise benefits solar is likely to have for their circumstances. As Warwick says, “Vendors are striving for customers to say ‘I get it and I trust you’ and PVsell is one way of achieving this. It’s a way to position your business as an industry expert that stands out from the competition. And once you’ve got the customer’s trust converting the sale becomes so much easier!”

SunWiz Solar


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