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Increase Your Sales with the SNAP Sales Methodology

It’s always a good idea to regularly review and finesse your sales methods and approach. Is it time for you to reflect on what works in your sales processes and techniques and consider whether another sales methodology could be worth trialling?

An effective sales methodology introduces discipline and consistency into the sales process – and this could translate to a streamlined sales process – and more sales!

When it comes to sales methodologies there are many to choose from. And, every business needs to pick the one that best suits their market, products and industry position.

Our top pick sales methodology that’s especially suited to the home innovation market is SNAP Selling. It aims to connect you closely with customers through 4 simple components:

  1. Keep It simple – your customers are busy and have little time for complexity. Always make it easy for them to understand your product or service and they’ll want it even more.
  2. Be invaluable – customers need you to be a trusted expert who shows them value every step of the way and stands out from the crowd.
  3. Always align – ensure your sales objectives speak to the core beliefs of your customers. If a product or service and their beliefs are aligned, they’ll be more likely to want to buy from you.
  4. Raise priorities – Know the priorities of your customer and tap into them by explaining just how your product or service will help them achieve their goals.

SNAP Selling encourages all sales agents to be on the winning side of critical customer decisions – and for that reason alone it’s worth incorporating into your sales approach.

SNAP Selling was developed by Jill Konrath a sales strategist, speaker and bestselling author.

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