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“Customers make a much quicker decision when presented with the option of a Brighte payment plan.”

Grand Group Australia Case Study

Grand Group is a leading provider of solar powered energy solutions that services Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Since the company was founded in 2013 their team has installed more than 320,000 solar panels. They’re driven to keep this number growing by what they believe are five reasons Australia needs to go solar. Reasons that include the financial power bill saving, living off the grid and protecting the environment. They also rightly believe that our sunny Australian climate and solar leaps being made overseas are additional reasons for Aussies to go solar.

Grand Group’s director Sunny Li started out in the solar industry after graduating from university in 2007. After working in energy efficiency across international markets he then established Grand Group as a 100% Australian owned and operated company. He is a man with a clear message for his customers, telling them,

“We use the latest cutting-edge solar technology to provide you with impressive savings for the years to come. So be your own power company and stop paying for electricity!”

Grand Group’s customers are aged 25-70 years and are skewed towards males who are working or retired. They’re customers that Grand Group typically reaches via a door to door sales strategy. It’s a strategy that’s paid off, especially when combined with their payment plan partnership with Brighte.

As Sunny explains,

“We became accredited with Brighte in 2017 and haven’t looked back. The benefit of Brighte to our business is significant. I would honestly say that without Brighte we would hardly sell solar technology – as it’s so difficult to ask customers to make a one-off payment that’s typically more than $10,000.” No wonder then that Brighte is financially supporting around 70% of Grand Group’s residential solar business, and they’ll soon offer Brighte payment plans to commercial customers.

When it comes to Brighte’s support model Sunny couldn’t be happier: “Brighte continues to invest in their products, service and training. Their ongoing support is fantastic and my whole team use the Brighte vendor portal to manage our deals – it’s a like centralised database that makes the sales process easy for us and customers”

It’s a process that sees Grand Group introduce a Brighte payment plan when a customer asks for a quote and one that then moves swiftly to a sale:

“We find that our customers make a much quicker decision when presented with the option of a ready to use payment plan. That’s why I recommend Brighte to others in the energy efficiency industry.”

Grand Group Australia


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