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“Brighte brings an increase in your sales volume..”

Brighte Brings an increase in your sales volume and with the help of Brighte payment plans, sales staff get to hit targets and receive commissions and more.

Global Home Solutions has built a trustworthy brand that prides itself on helping homes become more energy efficient – with products including solar, battery, LED lighting, insulation and more. They’ve grown quickly and now have three offices and 36 employees across New South Wales.

Matthew Houston, the Owner and Director, has a dual focus on the return on investment for his customers and caring for the environment: “Our goal is to help homes become more energy efficient – we aim to provide a premium service, products that stand the test of time and importantly the results our customers are looking for. We also want to play a role in caring for the environment. Over time I’ve seen the damage we’re doing to our environment, I’ve grown up in a green family, I have a farm and love agriculture. I’m also a keen surfer – all of this made me passionate about starting a business that helps the environment. We make a bit of money and our customers and the environment benefits.”

Their customers are 90% homeowners, from young families with kids, to baby boomers and even first home buyers. What unites them is frustration with high electricity bills – so they’re looking for solutions that make their homes more energy and environmentally efficient. Often these solutions become within reach once customers are educated on the option of a payment plan.

As Matthew explains,

We offer every single customer the option of a Brighte payment plan. We want to help them find the easiest possible option to cover costs and to move to installation. Once most customers understand that they don’t need to spend capital they realise that a payment plan can actually be cash positive – because the savings they make on their power bills are generally greater than the repayments on their Brighte plan. This makes their decision a bit of a no brainer.

Before partnering with Brighte, Global Home Solutions tried two other payment plan providers. How does Brighte compare? “Brighte offers the easiest platform to use, fantastic training, great ongoing support and more. Plus if the customer has any queries Brighte get right onto it – unlike the other companies who we had to chase to get a result creating anxiety for our customers. It’s a pleasure for us to work with Brighte and I’m confident that going forward 35-40% of sales will be facilitated with a Brighte payment plan.”

Across their three sites Global Home Solutions see every day how Brighte payment plans offer an alternative for customers who don’t have the capital available to make a large one-off purchase. An alternative that brings energy efficiency solutions within reach. So, Matthew wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brighte to fellow business owners.

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