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5 reasons to close deals with a Brighte payment plan

Payment plans have never been more popular – and today they’re so common that customers really can ‘buy now, pay later’ when it comes to all kinds of products and services.

What does this mean for you? To stay ahead of your game and set your business up for success you really should offer a payment plan to every customer. Here are 5 big reasons why:

  • Flexibility, affordability and predictability
    When it comes to paying for home energy improvements your customers want flexibility, affordability and predictability. Three big boxes you can tick by offering a Brighte payment plan
  • Quick and easy sales conversations
    Payment plans can make the sales conversation quicker and easier. Because when it comes to large purchases customers often don’t have cash to pay outright, nor do they want to dip into their savings. So, when you put a payment plan on the table, it can be just what the customer needs to ‘seal the deal’
  • Fast payments, meaning there’s always cashflow for your business
    When you close a deal with a payment plan you receive payment from Brighte the day after installation Is confirmed. This means you’re paid in full right away and have immediate cashflow to put to good use!
  • Save on time and energy
    Because Brighte pays you right away you don’t need to worry about invoicing, admin and chasing down customers for payment. Saving you time and energy that can be better spent elsewhere
  • Competitive edge
    Offering payment plans gives you a competitive edge. It’s an edge that can attract and win over customers that would otherwise go elsewhere. This means extra sales income that takes you closer to reaching and exceeding your business goals!

Not signed up to offer a Brighte payment plan yet? Find out more about how Brighte can help your business or apply to be a Brighte accredited vendor now.



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